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  1. Anybody else use MLB.TV and is having an issue like I am watching the Opening Day (3/28) game past the Top of the 1st? Won't let me see anything after that. Called them up and they said it's an issue with the archive. Apparently it's ONLY with the Marlins game. This blows.
  2. Perhaps they're still there, inside the shoes... or maybe he was just self-conscious, ok? Nothing wrong with a little extra work being done, after the nose job. He could have gotten a 2-for-1 special that day! Looking at that side-angle though I feel like the back head-fin looks a bit too big seeing as the nose was made smaller. The hat in the front picture reminds me of those British police bobby hats. Still hate the look the helmet creates on the neck-area. I feel sorry for the guy's adam's apple.
  3. What I like about these hats is that the M is fully stitched on the Secondary Logo and that the red pops a bit more as the outline.
  4. Found these. Can't wait for the season to start.
  5. What's the difference between hats Made in USA vs. Made in China?
  6. The first 3 are the best ones, IMO. Love the Blue with the black lettering.
  7. Lewis Brinson JT (before the trade announcement)
  8. These were pretty cool too. Made me feel more part of it since I couldn't be there.
  9. That blue bill hat is so sexy. Is it sold anywhere online?
  10. If they're going by how they did it in the Infinity Gauntlet comic series then its set up like a scarecrow.
  11. Personally, I think all the other GMs are holding out thinking, and hoping, that the Marlins will cave in as its usually been in the past. They still think things are the way they were when Loria was pulling all the strings and not letting Hill make the trades - desperate and in a hurry to let go of good players. Teams want Realmuto? Well, give up your great prospects!! That's how its done. That's how its going to be. The Marlins org knows this too well as there is a lot riding on this trade. If they fail they know us fans will tear them a new one. All the baseball writers and people in the media keep saying the Marlins are asking too much but its all posturing. It seems as if they're trying to pressure the Marlins to lower their ask. I could be reading too much into this but, come on, when has the baseball media been friendly to the Marlins? They're not used to the org being in a highly leveraged situation and not backing down from what they want. Teams better get realistic because they're not getting JT for peanuts.
  12. That's what I want the cap logo to be! It's so clean and easy to distinguish. With time it can be iconic too. I really hope they see that this cap is going to be super popular and use an on-field version.
  13. Just noticed that if players don't wear long sleeves underneath the jerseys then the sleeve piping really becomes invisible.
  14. In the aspect of overall "respectability" in Baseball, these new uniforms and logos are a move in the right direction.
  15. Well, I saw the pink "sunrise" color last night. I'm guessing that was a glitch while @SilverBullet was working on it last night then?
  16. I liked the black and the light blue options. Not a fan of the Pink/Salmon option.
  17. This is all the Primary Logo SHOULD have been...heck, this could have been the Cap Logo too!
  18. Idk why the quote is not properly showing up above but I never said this lol... Anyway... the jerseys aren't that bad but they certainly need a bit more pop of color. The piping seems too small. I guess I would have to see them in-person or see them in more instances on players but for now totally too much black for the Black Alt jersey and the Home White looks boring. The Blue Alt with the Black Cap looks great though! I also agree with whoever said that the up-close shots of the jerseys look really nice so it may be better in person. The Primary Logo patch is also fantastic.
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