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  1. I mean, that took a weird hop off his arm and right under his armpit. Not going to blame the block attempt there
  2. You know what would suck? An all Florida World Series not in Florida. Of course, winning that would make that a little easier
  3. Purposefully badly named or not, The Coop Troop sounds pretty BA, NGL
  4. Came across this article, pretty nice to be getting some positive national attention for the team. https://www.mlb.com/news/most-improved-farm-systems-in-mlb
  5. My work dress code has never felt more free.
  6. Man...both of those rookie pitchers looked good. And if Sixto makes his mark too? What even is this pitching rotation? Of the rotation right now, who do you guys think should stay up and who do we send down/put in bullpen/DFA? Shoot, looking over the roster is a doozy for someone who's just been casually following the past two years...
  7. goodness Villar, could've walked yourself twice there.
  8. yeah. Kinda a ridiculous call, I expect it will be changed later.
  9. Harrison can't seem to put the bat on the ball
  10. I mean, yes, but there is something to say for longevity and surviving the difficulties of a management overhaul.
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