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  1. was that entire half inning just an attempt to convince Smith he could score? Did we just help a virgin get his wings?
  2. alright, way to not swing Berti!
  3. Huh, Aguilar coming in a little earlier than expected. Going all in then, Like the thought process.
  4. would love to see Aguilar get a good nock, he seems to be struggling a little at home.
  5. Hate having the man on 2nd to start innings, but that's what we have.
  6. who needs the 7 other positions. Just the good ol' 1-2
  7. lol, took them a while to change the pitch counter from Floro to Garcia
  8. Only in that most of those days the in game announcers were Rich and Tommy
  9. shit, my grammar lately has been atrocious. Yeah, definitely meant to have a comma there.
  10. I assume you quoted me, were going to say something and then said fuck it. That or quote of agreement, not sure.
  11. I mean, Honestly while I liked Tommy and Rich, of the two Tommy in my pov was significantly more enjoyable. A booth of Tommy and Severino might be really good depending if they can build chemistry together.
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