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  1. Still don't understand why we traded a young quality arm who can throw up to 99 MPH in Eovaldi for a barely above replacement/average starting infielder who is in his thirties. Hindsight is 20/20 but I would've prefered the young/upside lineup of: Gordon 2B, Yelich LF, Stanton RF, Bour/Morse 1B, Ozuna CF, Dietrich 3B, Realmuto C, Hechavarria SS With a rotation of Fernandez, Alvarez, Eovaldi, Haren, Latos/Koehler going into the season.
  2. Has to be Hech with Deezus as a close second.
  3. Dee Gordon of all people has been the offensive firepower of this team. Hopefully he can keep it up while everyone else picks it up.
  4. Not Saltalamacchia played well tonight in his first start of the year behind the plate.
  5. Also, Red isn't the one not scoring runs. Coaches can only do so much, the players have to produce and execute to win games.   That being said, it's only the third game of the year. 159 more to turn things around.
  6. ​I think you're underestimating him a bit. 
  7. ​I didn't watch but from experience you're right, velocity isn't everything when it comes to pitching. Yes it helps but you can be a great pitcher by just hitting spots consistently. Also 91-93 is not slow by any stretch of the imagination. 
  8. I was evacuated from the library right after the first pitch so I couldn't watch. What the fuck happened with Latos?!
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