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  1. I shouldn't say "have never", but extremely, extremely rare, like Tanaka I missed but I think I have seen 12 to one pitcher once before. I'm not saying they don't happen, just extremely rare.
  2. So, while I've been hearing about this kid a lot, but I haven't looked too much into him. From what I get from this article, he sounds like a mid avg hitter with middle of the line defense and lots of power from the left side...so I'm kinda getting the sense of a rich mans left handed Dan Uggla (probably a better approach to the plate though)? Would that be accurate or am I selling him too short? (I have fairly fond memories of Uggla so if we are expecting much more than that I'll be very excited)
  3. Well I hope the other pitchers on his team are a bit better than those, else it's going to be a short playoff.
  4. How was that even allowed to happen? Most managers pull after 6-8 runs. I've never seen 10+ runs charged to one pitcher.
  5. To stay consistent, if he goes god mode next year we should trade him for the #1 prospect.
  6. Haven't been as excited for the future of this team for a while. Jeter has done a really good job of rebuilding the farm. Hopefully we can keep that up and keep the farm growing while these kids step up to the majors in the next few years.
  7. I have literally never searched for any such thing though. Like...ever (not a fan of boating/fishing/sailing)
  8. Yeah, Fernandez actually DID increase viewership and attendance from what I recall...unfortunately he only pitched 1 out of 5 days and was out for a period of time with Tommy John surgery. It was a good bet when he pitched we would win, and not only that, but it was a good bet that when he would pitch it would just feel good (he had a special excitement to him you don't see in many pitchers that just made him FUN to watch). And now I'm sad again. EDIT: And for some reason, as I type this and scroll up, the algorithms of this site believe I want to buy a motorboat.
  9. What's it matter the size of the bats they are signing? The fans are still getting a pretty sweet souvenir no matter the size of the bat.
  10. Man, I wish the closest ballpark to me wasn't a 5 hour drive away. NC is a dead state for MLB. Back when I lived in California I would try and make games when the marlins dropped by San Fran or Oakland, even if those were one to two hour drives. Totes worth. When I get the money I'm going to try and set up a trip to go see a series in either Atlanta or Washington...though with the cost of airfare I might just take the dive and spend a weekend in Miami.
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