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  1. well, we are now. Just a reminder we were 4-10 before the streak.
  2. Can I get the Legends version of this? Cause I'd much rather have Rich and Tommy
  3. Like this kids attitude inb4 traded
  4. yeah, I made that comment about the talent being lower before looking at the voting and a bit of information in it. Talent was definitely watered down overall, I'm sure, but there were still plenty of much better hitters, some superstars and HOFers still in the league.
  5. The year is probably a big indicator on the why to that one. Likely a lack of talent all around available that year. after researching into it, seems he won because of his Defense...which I would imagine he made look better than it actually was pre advanced statistics.
  6. Yeah, I'm more wondering if ever someone just had the luckiest "Perfect Year" of their career. I think it's unlikely, but would be interesting to see. I also think it would have had a better chance of happening pre-2000 when more advanced statistics weren't widely available.
  7. I am curious to know if there ever was a year where a nobody player just put everything together and had everything land exactly where it needed to be for a full year to win the MVP and then never even came close the rest of his career.
  8. Those Beinfest days were certainly interesting times. It always felt like we were always finding some diamond in the rough, or at least a pretty stone, every year that kept things exciting and it always felt like we were just one piece short of being on a playoff run. At least that's what I recall from those days when I put on my teal tinted glasses. My excitement level was definitely never at negative 1 million.
  9. Personally feeling good. I have low expectations but this team could pleasantly surprise. Could be terrible, sure, but also could have the feel of the Dan Uggla/Cody Ross era teams. Maybe. Should in the least be fun to watch which youngsters in our organization start making names for themselves over the next few years.
  10. You're right, he was also the opening day starter for last year, but I'm sure the '19 version is improved from the '18 version?
  11. Our best ace on the mound since '08
  12. So who do we trade Sixto and Will to for more international money?
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