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  1. Anyway, one of its close relatives is the Black Marlin. When I thought of Black Marlin, I thought of Cameron Maybin, naturally. What...the.... :whistle :whistle :lol (Oh man...I was about to say that...but I thought "I better not," lol. Good to see I'm not the only one who saw it). :lol :lol Sorry, it came out really wrong. I just meant it like how J-Will's nickname would be, White Chocolate. No racism involved, I'm no supremacist, lol.
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently doing a project on the Blue Marlin for my Environmental Science class. It's species name is Makaira nigricans... Not to bore you but I need to give you a background, lol. Anyway, one of its close relatives is the Black Marlin. When I thought of Black Marlin, I thought of Cameron Maybin, naturally. So I looked up the scientific name and it's scientific name is Makaira Indica. So I thought, would a good nickname for Maybin be Makaira Indica?? There's a few players in sports that have named themselves over strange animals or things such as Hibachi (Gilbert Arenas) and the Black Mamba (Kome). I just thought Makaira Indica sounded really cool, lol. By the way, if you guys have anymore nicknames for any of our young incoming players, you should put 'em here. Makaira Indica! damn, that's nice, lol. I think I'll take a sign with that on Opening Day.
  3. Extremely proud of the Marlins. They have been everything I can ask for and more. If we can't make the playoffs, I'm hoping for a nice finish at least, maybe 86-76 or something. That way, they won't be ranked in the 60s in MLB 2K8, lol. Fish in 09'! PS: Especially during a time where the Dolphins, Heat, Panthers, and 'Canes were downright pitiful, too. The Fish were a glimpse of light during a very dark age.
  4. QB - Eli Manning WR - TJ Houshmandzadeh WR - Roy Williams (Kitna is a sorry POS) RB - LT (needs to pick up the pace) RB - MJD TE - Z-Milli (Zach Miller [Jamarcus is also a POS]) W/R - Steve Slaton (ROY! :]) Bench: QB - DA (what a bust...) WR - DJ Hackett WR - Joey Galloway RB - Ricky Williams RB - Deuce McAllister (why is he still on my team :/) TE - Todd Heap (he'll probably be my starter next week) Kicker - Robbie Gould Defense: Starting - Jacksonville Bench - Denver D-Players: D - Jon Beason DB - Quintn Mikell DB - Ed Reed DL - DeMarcus Ware DL - Barrett Ruud Bench - Yeremiah Bell My record is 1-2 first win this week, though.
  5. http://www.miamiherald.com/459/story/696344.html Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jeri Beth Cohen is expected to rule at noon Monday whether the financing plan for a host of downtown Miami public works projects is legal. It's the lone remaining count in auto dealer Norman Braman's attempt to derail the construction of a new $515 million, 37,000-seat, retractable-roof stadium for the Florida Marlins. The ball club, Miami and Miami-Dade have already won rulings on Braman's six earlier counts, including one in which the judge ruled using public funds to build the stadium serves a paramount public purpose. Cohen had been waiting for a state Supreme Court ruling on an Escambia County case that used a similar financing plan on a roadway project. The court reversed its earlier decision against that county last week and ruled 4-2 that the financing was legal. Braman has said he'll likely fight each ruling to the state Supreme Court, if necessary. The county unveiled the plan in December to use about $800 million in Community Redevelopment Agency money to help build a tunnel to the Port of Miami, a park at Bicentennial Park, pay off a large construction debt at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and possibly create a streetcar system. The total plan is estimated to cost close to $3 billion. Though the financing plan for the ballpark, which would be built in Little Havana where the Orange Bowl once stood, does not use any of the community redevelopment money -- instead it uses a slew of tourist tax dollars that are created with the sale of hotel rooms -- Braman considers it a ``shell game.'' He says the stadium could not be built without CRA money, which is supposed to be set aside to create economic gain in destitute neighborhoods. The county doesn't argue that point, but says Braman is off the mark because none of that money will be used to help build the stadium. I'm in school (PC Support 2 FTW?) and I'm really hoping to come home and see this done. I know it doesn't make it a done deal w/ the court and everything but it'd be pretty satisfying. That Braman motherf*cker sure is annoying, eh? Plz, go away to Philly or w.e. the hell you came from.
  6. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/basebal...0,2134362.story Pujols sees Ramirez moving to third BY MIKE BERARDINO | South Florida Sun-Sentinel August 13, 2008 MIAMI GARDENS - Albert Pujols had an interesting answer when asked recently what he sees down the road for fellow Dominican Hanley Ramirez. "I definitely don't think he's going to finish his career at shortstop," Pujols said. "I think he's going to be moving to third base, probably. He's going to get bigger and stronger, and he's already strong." Pujols, who has made himself into a Gold Glove first baseman, knows all about position change. He broke in as a super utility man in 2001, dividing his time almost equally between corner infield and outfield. He was primarily a left fielder in 2002-03 before setting up shop at first base in 2004. Some scouts have suggested Ramirez might wind up in center field, but he has resisted any talk of a position change. He averaged 25 errors his first two seasons, and his 20 errors this year trail only Arizona third baseman Mark Reynolds (21) in the majors. Still, infield coach Andy Fox said he is pleased with the progress Ramirez has made this year, particularly in terms of positioning and consistency. "He's a lot better," Fox said. Offensively, Ramirez has been outstanding, but he still has some ground to cover before he can approach Pujols' eight-season averages. "If he stays healthy, he's going to be probably one of the best players in the game," Pujols said. "I just wish he can stay healthy and keep doing what he's doing. I think he's a pretty humble kid that plays the game the right way. I'm pretty happy for him." Well, if Pujols said it... :mis2
  7. Wow, and we thought the Marlins loss on Independence Day was bad. If Boston can't come back... :thumbdown
  8. Uggla! OMFG, it's the apocalypse!
  9. Love Lupe. He has a distinct style about him, unlike almost every other watered down hip-hop artist. He talks about things that are real, like 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life' and 'Little Weapon'. My favorite current rapper
  10. NEW YORK -- Florida Marlins minor league pitcher Daniel Gil will begin serving a 50-game suspension immediately after failing a drug test. The commissioner's office said Saturday that Gil tested positive for the steroid boldenone during a recent screening. Gil is with the Marlins' Dominican Summer League team. He is the fourth Dominican League player suspended for 50 games this week. Pitchers Braulin Beltre and Yedilson Pena and outfielder Andres Beras of the Cardinals also failed steroids tests. :confused I'm not really used to Marlins players being into steroid problems. His stats in the summer league btw... 3-3, 2.87 ERA, 47 IP, 41 SOs, 16 BBs... He's only 18, too. Sad.
  11. I was watching that too and I do love that they gave us props, but it just pisses me off because I definitely remember Wilbon saying we weren't a "for real" team in the beginning of this year. They all jump on the bandwagon sooner or later. A lot of people thought that. Even some of our fans thought that. It's realizing your mistake that counts and it's good that he did This far down the season, we are for real. Numbers and "run differential" just don't matter anymore. It's passion now.
  12. BAM! lmao, i love pti. that reminds me of when they played an april fool's joke of the kansas-davidson elite 8 "replay the last 16 seconds" thing. fantastic. where is Tony anyway, he's good too :lol i fell for that when they showed it, i went on my computer looking for it and then i heard APRIL FOOLS i felt so stupid haha, you're a fool...j/k i fell for it too
  13. BAM! lmao, i love pti. that reminds me of when they played an april fool's joke of the kansas-davidson elite 8 "replay the last 16 seconds" thing. fantastic. where is Tony anyway, he's good too
  14. I love Wilbon, showing some love for the Marlins. Saying they have a better shot to win the East than the Muts. I remember him in 2003 backin up the Marlins too. He knows his stuff too. The more attention the betta.
  15. Happy day He doesn't get a cake walk with the Rockies, though. Hope he does well. 5 or 6 IP, 2 or 3 ER, that would be nice. is that the "special olympic Hanley Ramirez" in your sig? haha, yes it is. i don't know why his face came out so retarded. i got it in a giveaway at a mall where Marlins personel were supposed to appear but there were only mermaids... i even brought a baseball and i had to keep it in my jeans like a tard, looking like i have a tumor on my thigh
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