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  1. I had a question about tonight's game. Hopefully, one of you can clarify. I was at the game and saw that the final play went under review to see if Stanton was out. What was that about? Isn't the rule that if a team fails their first challenge, they're unable to challenge again?
  2. Mr.Fish

    The Franchise

    That was the best episode so far. The saddest part for us as Marlins fans was when the Marlins told Omar Infante that he was traded back to the Tigers, the first thing to come out of his mouth was "thank you", and Ozzie immediately giving him the middle finger did this really happen ? lol
  3. Allison Williams needs some sleep
  4. Does anyone think were gona get out of this? Not a chance. Yo go F*** yourself.
  5. Woooowwww, is this serious? You guys must be a blast at parties. I Lol'd
  6. Mr.Fish

    The Franchise

    lmaoo looks good. so dramatic
  7. Mr.Fish

    Pick The First

    Hit - Reyes Double - Gaby Triple -Bonifacio HR -Stanton RBI - Stanton Run Scored - Reyes Walk-Off Hit - Lomo Stolen Base - Bonifacio Caught Stealing - Hanley Error - Hanley Win - JJ
  8. With Marlins, who offered about $220M for 10 yrs for pujols, out now, looks like fairly clear path for #cardinals. -Heyman He was never coming here. Bastard F*ck his couch. And stomp muddy boots on Lozano's couch. F*CK YO COUCHES! They should neva give that N**ga money !!!
  9. All this waiting is making my balls itchy, or maybe i have an std. Either way I'm pissed !
  10. Guys, i just farted. Your thoughts ? Did it sound like Pujols? No, but it smelled like him....awesome.
  11. Guys, i just farted. Your thoughts ?
  12. Who's Coughlan? I've never heard of his Coughlan guy. Did we just sign him? I know we have Chris Coghlan... HA HA HA! I get it, cause he said "Coughlan", but it's really spelled "Coghlan". God, you're hilarious. It's such a common misspelling, I'm surprised nobody realizes it. Doesn't matter. Also, I fixed your grammar. Try again. thanxz freind !
  13. Who's Coughlan? I've never heard of his Coughlan guy. Did we just sign him? I know we have Chris Coghlan... Ha HA HA i get it, cause he said coughlan but its really spelled coghlan. god youre hilarious.
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