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  1. WTF is this Hanley....I picked you on my Fantasy team cause I thought you were going to bounce back.... still hope you do but goddamn you have looked horrible since the season started.... yes I know only 6 AB's....sigh..... I am an impatient man
  2. What happened to the bat H2R? Already his swing looks different than it did in the Spring.... is he feeling the pressure again. We need to get some hits get these guys feeling loose again...
  3. the Vaunted Marlins Offense.....so offensive even your Grandma will puke
  4. We are behind in the game, Sanchez should have protected the plate with 2 strikes.
  5. The pool is the best thing I've seen yet
  6. I feel like the Madagascar penguins when they finally arrived in Antarctica
  7. Of course. Got the black one for my orange Stanton Jersey.
  8. Same thing haPpened to me but I expected it. I figured the Marlins would release a patch after the fact. My guess is they didn't have it ready. You can now buy the path separately on eBay and there are a few places you can get them to add it. I have heard they might have a customizer on scene at the stadium. Buy the patch separately and have a seamstress/alterationist stitch it on (most dry cleaning stores have one on staff). Or, do it yourself, if you're skillful enough. eBay: http://www.ebay.com/...=1&_from=&_ipg= MLB: http://shop.mlb.com/...priceDescending Thanks! Just ordered the patch. Now I just have to figure out a place to get it stitched on. I don't want to risk messing up the Jersey by doing it myself so I'll find a seamstress or something.
  9. Ok so I shelled out close to $300 for an authentic Jersey this year, first one ever, only to see it is incomplete after watching the 2 Yankee exhibition games. Why did it not come with the Marlins Park patch? It just doesn't feel as authentic without it now. Anyone know if I can get one stitched on after the fact? and where?
  10. wow 3 of us responded with the same answer at the same time...lol
  11. More "art"...Really not sure why there's a dog/cat in the picture... More importantly... why is the pitcher facing the wrong way? He was in the process of a pickoff at 2b?
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