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  1. WTF is this Hanley....I picked you on my Fantasy team cause I thought you were going to bounce back.... still hope you do but goddamn you have looked horrible since the season started.... yes I know only 6 AB's....sigh..... I am an impatient man
  2. What happened to the bat H2R? Already his swing looks different than it did in the Spring.... is he feeling the pressure again. We need to get some hits get these guys feeling loose again...
  3. the Vaunted Marlins Offense.....so offensive even your Grandma will puke
  4. We are behind in the game, Sanchez should have protected the plate with 2 strikes.
  5. The pool is the best thing I've seen yet
  6. I feel like the Madagascar penguins when they finally arrived in Antarctica
  7. Of course. Got the black one for my orange Stanton Jersey.
  8. Same thing haPpened to me but I expected it. I figured the Marlins would release a patch after the fact. My guess is they didn't have it ready. You can now buy the path separately on eBay and there are a few places you can get them to add it. I have heard they might have a customizer on scene at the stadium. Buy the patch separately and have a seamstress/alterationist stitch it on (most dry cleaning stores have one on staff). Or, do it yourself, if you're skillful enough. eBay: http://www.ebay.com/...=1&_from=&_ipg= MLB: http://shop.mlb.com/...priceDescending Thanks! Just ordered the patch. Now I just have to figure out a place to get it stitched on. I don't want to risk messing up the Jersey by doing it myself so I'll find a seamstress or something.
  9. Ok so I shelled out close to $300 for an authentic Jersey this year, first one ever, only to see it is incomplete after watching the 2 Yankee exhibition games. Why did it not come with the Marlins Park patch? It just doesn't feel as authentic without it now. Anyone know if I can get one stitched on after the fact? and where?
  10. wow 3 of us responded with the same answer at the same time...lol
  11. More "art"...Really not sure why there's a dog/cat in the picture... More importantly... why is the pitcher facing the wrong way? He was in the process of a pickoff at 2b?
  12. wow Zambrano looks so wild....
  13. First off, f*** the Yankees and their fans. The line at the kosher concession was a mile long. JK JEWS OF THE BOARD. This is my 5-6th time going to the ballpark. Still wows me. From the leg room to the way everything flows (not the parking). I'm going to make a list because I'm too lazy to really do it any other way. -leg room is awesome -a/c is great. blah blah blah poptard and 85 degree weather leave the roof open, no. Back in jrsdolphinproplayersunlife/burn hell you NEEDED to go home and shower to feel clean. Day OR night game. Today, I went to mass in the morning, went straight to the game, and from the game went shopping for a bit and then to my inlaws for dinner. NO NEED TO SHOWER IMMEDIATELY AFTER A GAME. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME. -This time getting into the parking garage was super easy, and leaving was kinda bad. I wish they wouldn't close off direct streets to major arteries just because they can. They forced everyone in the 1b garage south towards us1. NO. I need to get to 836west, so instead of going directly there, I had to loop around the park. Lame. -David Samson. Dude, stop walking around the ballpark. I've almost stepped on you TWICE and I think you do a good job so I would hate to end your life this way. -Concessions. Super inconsistent. I made a few trips to 3 different ones, because I'm married and thats how it goes. Took almost 30 min in a line that wasn't very long to get told they weren't selling anything I wanted. AWESOME. 1/2 of the real food items on the screen weren't available. The people working them are leaderless and run around like spazes. I had the register not want to process any cc in my line, and then offered to pay cash so I could get back to the game and was told no. Would have been fine, except I KNOW it is possible to do so considering it was part of my profession. 3rd times a charm, and went to the place selling cuban sandwiches. Took 3 min and they people were competent. -wifi worked great at first, and then it didn't at all, and then it did again for 5 min, and then it didn't work, and finally it worked again....before not working at all. -f*** yankee fans. -Everything is nice. -OH they stopped selling beer a little early. No big deal to me, but to some that is taking away their life force. -Its not going to be a real baseball atmosphere. You can just tell. Its going to be so miami in there. People trying their hardest not to care, but caring way too much. I saw people dressed way too nice. Kind of a letdown, but not a surprise. -Every employee except for the concession workers seemed to know what they were doing. -I really want to see that hr feature in action. -Its an amazing place. Everyone needs to stop being crappy fans and buy season tickets. Show up to all the games, and put down everyone else that doesn't. Its worth it. Man I would be all over season tickets if I still lived in Miami. I live in Georgia now (Braves Territory) so I get to see my Marlins a few times a year at Turner and another 5-6 times on my trips down to Miami to visit the family.
  14. did they take down the WEBCaM? Can't see it on the site anymore. Edit: well the webcam page is still alive but I don't see the link to it anymore.
  15. That thing is horrid. On top of the fact that it is ridiculously stupid, they have a marlin doing flips on top. Since when do marlins do flips? Ugly uniforms, ugly HR feature and stupid little mascot. It's very vexing,the whole situation. Why does Loria insist on these stupid gimmicks? I guarantee Pujols took one good look at that HR feature, coupled with the uniforms, and ran to the Angels. Furthermore, why doesn't anyone mention that the outfield wall is freaking neon-green?! Oh, stop whining. Go root for a team with a more generic mascot and stadium if it bothers you that much. Yea seriously, it feels like more people that claim to be "fans" of the Marlins bitch and moan about the HR Feature and Stadium in general than people outside of the state. Rather than be happy the Marlins get to remain in South FLA and that they now have a legit TOP OF THE LINE baseball park to play in people go on internet blogs and such and bitch and moan about colors, or sculpture, or uniforms..... bah. Sorry it really frustrates me when some of our own fans get caught up in the wrong details. I keep reading about folks in Broward and Palm beach areas saying they will no longer support the team? WTH is that? Pisses me off. Sorry. /end Rant
  16. 5 BB for Zambrano in 4 IP.... ouch
  17. Looks like the swimming pool is full of water. Also, holy Budweiser!!!! I thought that space could have been pretty cool with a big marlin. Oh well. Money talks. What picture are you referring to?
  18. Reading some of the comments to that article is a bit frustrating. Some ex-fans from Broward and Palm Beach chiming in on how terrible that part of town is and not wanting to park in someones yard and being fearful of their car being broken into. So they say they will never go tot hat part of town.
  19. Folks at yahoo don't like it... http://sports.yahoo....Y1D1YBXJ9ARvLYF Like a nightmare from "Boardwalk Empire," the display lights up like the unwanted zombie lovechild of a pinball machine, a carnival roller coaster and a diabolical cuckoo clock, giving fans the feeling like they're somewhere in Atlantic City, N.J., instead of Little Havana near Miami Beach. It looks like the ugliest thing you could find in the cheesiest gift shop along the shoreline. Who's up for some neon skee ball? How about Plinko or Cliff Hangers on acid from "The Price Is Right"
  20. Didn't Ramon Castro once have an awesome Spring to win him the starting C job and he just completely sucked when the season started? Like Back in 04 or 05 I think.
  21. djm305

    The Franchise?

    Zambrano is another guy with a chance to really help his image
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