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  1. Well I havent posted in a while due to some medical issues with my family. But I have been keeping track of the Marlins and to be honest I like the way they are playing. Of course we cant win them all but look at the standings.We are 3.5 games behind first place. We are 2nd on our division and we are on the wild card spot. So far this season we are becoming contender. I dont know the outcome of the season yet but so far I am liking our chances.
  2. Ok I dont know everything about baseball, but how come the 2016 Marlins cant win at home. Only 1 game thats it.......I know the roster didnt change much from 2015 so the 2016 Marlins I dont think are difference from last year so my expectations are very low for this team. What do you guys think. Last year we had a starting record of 3-10 if im nost mistaken and this year we are 4-9 not much of a difference.
  3. Wait what we won...oh shit we won........
  4. ​I know is a joke but I dont worry about that anymore she passed away this year. Now if my wife find out OH BOY OH BOY
  5. 2-3-4 batter in our line up and cant manage a single hit.....Wow.....Good night guys Im also gonna go look for porn.
  6. 325 million for that.....Mr No clutch
  7. Stanton coming up can we see a clutch hit.
  8. ​They all look like penguins when they get on base.
  9. ​Well Jennings might do a double switch
  10. Im praying to the baseball Gods and the baseball ghosts to help the Marlins win tonight.
  11. Can we win it in the 9th.....Better called superman.
  12. Admin I just ​A picture of a white flag.....
  13. Bottom of the 8 and Stanton at bat lets see how clutch he gets.....
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