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  1. Frisario really cant add both Nicolino and DeSclafani as part of the return. One of those guys is essential the trade off of the pick we lost for signing Reyes. So Frisarios "six degrees of seperation" are a little skewed, and not sure how he adds the Dodgers trade in that.
  2. At the end of the day, its Frisario's job to write fluff. The guys we had signed had a panic button on it, and the Marlins pushed it. The guys they traded really had nothing of trade value because we got a year of Reyes/Buehrle for a year under their market cost, and the Blue Jays essentially signed them for over market value. Josh Johnson was really the only thing we were trading and well that went terrible for the Jays. You also say that the Marlins could have gotten better prospects if they sent money along with those guys. THEY DID! Unless of course it wasn't enough for your satisfaction and you wanted them to be paying more of the Blue Jays payroll than the Marlins team itself. Which would have probably just resulted in more bashing.
  3. Come on...now you think Middlebrooks is a plus defender. The only logic I can think of is Will Middlebrooks is some family relative
  4. Definitely should check on venable and maybe even middlebrooks if they want to keep being crazy. Don't know if we have that much to deal Dan Haren Not even close to enough for venable and middlebrooks Why on earth do we need Middlebrooks? And why in the world would they trade a guy they just acquired to be a starter? Because we have absolutely no true 3B option for the future and it would allow the marlins to slide prado to 2B and Gordon back to SS and give the marlins flexibility if Hech doesn't pan out. I'm not saying they would trade him, but it would be worth a mention if they are already talking venable. They have talked about Myers so just because they acquired someone doesn't mean they won't deal him I am pretty sure we are trying to improve as a team. As bad as it might sound, Hechavarria > Middlebrooks.
  5. Because they want those window panels open, so Stanton dont break em.
  6. Unless the Padres are willing to eat most of Maybin money, I don't see the use of a 4th OF making 8M on our payroll.
  7. blaze2ki

    2015 lineup

    Prado Yelich Stanton Morse Ozuna Saltalamacchia Gordon Hechavarria Although, I know Gordon is going to be handed the leadoff spot no questions asked because the fact that he struggles to get on base is irrelevant because SPEED and stuff. Gordon had a higher .OBP than Prado last year... Also the things Brett Butler will do to increase Gordon .OBP is gonna be fun to watch.
  8. I dunno, the Padres got like 8 OFers!
  9. Eovaldi didn't have that great of a second half himself. 1-10 with a 5.51 era, 1.5 whip.
  10. On a nice downward trajectory ending with a 4.7 over 215 AA innings. He is going to be eaten alive by mlb hitting. Maddux first 4 MiLB seasons K/9 were, 6.5, 6.0, 4.7, 4.6, a downward trend the 5th one he got called up after 28 innings of 7.2 Nicolino first 4 MiLB seasons K/9 are, 10.8, 8.6, 6.0, 4.3, sure Nicolino has more of a downward trend, but Maddux did too. I am not saying He is the next Maddux, I am just giving you what you asked for.
  11. Maddux's milb k/9 sat around 6. Next customer. and Nicolino is 6.7. Dunno if you know math, but 6.7 < 5.7
  12. Show me a pitcher in the modern era who has ever been succesful with a MINOR league k rate that low. Calling Heaney interchangable with Nicolino makes me think Spike is right about you. Greg Maddux, dunno if you ever heard of that guy, but he turned out pretty okay.
  13. I am kinda excited to see what Brett Butler can do with Dee Gordon.
  14. Anyone remember one of those two games against the Rangers this year where Ron Washington seemingly did walk everyone? The one where every single one of his intentional walks paid off, but the one intentional walk we had we loaded the bases and brought Dunn in who walked a run in.
  15. There is only one person I want to buy the Marlins, and that is Micky Arison. Because I know there will be a commitment to winning there. The same guy that let Mike Miller go to save a few change? Or the one whos team has floated a little over .500 the 15+ years LeBron wasnt a part of the organization. so like as long he doesn't take on any GM responsiblities sure At least people like LeBron (Jeter), knew letting Miller go was a mistake, and at the we wouldnt have Loria signing guys like Dobbs. But who knows, maybe Jeter will want to bring in guys like Tino Martinez as hitting coach :lol
  16. This guys career splits at Home are pretty legit. He is basically a Miguel Olivo.
  17. Well he's gonna walk Hechavarria to pitch to Stanton obviously Freddi's thinking... I don't know what the hell he's thinking.
  18. The part that upset me the most was when I saw that Hech is projected for 623 plate appearances. WHO'S READY FOR 623 GROUNDOUTS? Surely he will get intentional walked at least once to face the pitcher, nevermind, he will probably bat 2nd.
  19. Now we can finally get down to the real business and lock up Hechavarria.
  20. Jake Marisnick - will be 2nd to Fernandez in WAR
  21. No Rainouts, No Sellouts, Marlins Baseball!
  22. Does anyone know how many players we still have in camp? I haven't kept count this year. I think they've narrowed it down to 158 Does that include Pokey Reese? Has anyone found him yet? Who would Dan Uggla be if Pokey Reese never disappeared?
  23. Same goes for Chone Figgins
  24. Hernandez is currently the pitching coach for the GCL Phillies. Wherever this information came from, its a little outdated, the job that he is leaving is the pitching coach for the University of South Florida http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=36643&SPID=2917&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=205097618&Q_SEASON=2012
  25. Everyone needs to stop saying Loria is the worst owner ever, he will never be as bad as that guy that killed the Expos.
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