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  1. I know it was a small sample size but when the Brewers saw how god awful he looked in the quick 50 ABs he had there, they couldn’t wait to unload him ASAP and of course the Fish were the suckers in that deal who fell for it.
  2. Even if Monte wasn’t playing well, Brinson has done nothing to warrant being on a big league roster. Anyone deserves a chance over him at this point.
  3. Got home and first AB I see is Brinson swinging at 3 balls and noticed he K’d previous 2 times as well. This guy is just so overmatched up here.
  4. This Nats team without Harper seems very average.
  5. The Fish better pull this one out. Caleb has pitched well this year and doesn’t have much to show for it.
  6. Well, Mattinglys dumbass has him warming up. Lol
  7. I wonder whose dumbass call was it to make this official. You have a product this bad on the field and you have banning straws to piss off your already thin fan base some more on the agenda. Good job Fish.
  8. I wonder if the Fish will have anyone to crack 15+ homers this year?
  9. Granderson is so bad. Amazing how a guy that washed up finds himself in the big leagues still
  10. Anyone still think this team doesn’t lose 120?
  11. I almost felt bad for Chen but then I think about how many millions he has fleeced this team for and I don’t feel sorry for him at all. This guy needs to go ASAP. Cut your losses Jeter.
  12. I’ll put money on them losing 110+
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