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  1. Lakeshow00

    Is the 2018 team worse than the 1998 team?

    Agreed 100%. This team is just dreadful and 3+ years away from even being competitive. Watching hitters like Brinson, Sierra, Dean, Ortega, etc is just downright depressing. They are all completely just overmatched up here. That’s not even counting some of the pitching. Sad time to be a Marlins fan these days....
  2. Lakeshow00

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    Yep. There isn’t a single one with an ERA less than 4. Easily the worst bullpen in baseball. Such a disgrace
  3. Lakeshow00


    Easily the worst in baseball but at least they are doing their part to ensure the #3 pick.
  4. Lakeshow00


    How do you feel about the bullpens execution the last 2 games?
  5. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Yes Jack, you’re inside his head and you know for sure he did it. Smh.... Name me another scenario like Urenas that’s even comparable. The only scenarios where these suspensions typically happen is where the players have a history against each other and it’s an eye for an eye or if both sides are already warned and beanings happen after the warning. Urena has no history of hitting Atlanta players.
  6. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    My thoughts exactly. He literally wouldn’t of been suspended if he played in a larger market or was a good pitcher. The MLB could care less about baseball down here and have no issue making an example out of him because they won’t receive any backlash.
  7. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Hey, someone has to when everyone is painting him as the worst thing ever. I could really care less about Urena specifically but the precedent this sets is dangerous for baseball in general. That is the main thing people should be upset about.
  8. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    It isn’t about common sense though. Suspending guys on speculation is a very slippery slope the MLB shouldn’t go down but I’m sure they will. I’m just surprised most of you are treating Urena like he just murdered your dog. We all know he doesn’t have Greg Maddox control so I honestly believe there is a chance he wanted to bust him in and missed unintentional with his running fastball.
  9. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    You act like no other pitcher has missed that bad before when it wasn’t intentional. Aroldis Chapman threw one earlier this year then was a good 5 feet in the left handed batters box so I guess he shouldn’t be a major league pitcher anymore? It’s really silly to bury a player when none of us have any proof on anything.
  10. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Why should anything be done? There is 0 proof he did anything intentional.
  11. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Because maybe it wasn’t intentional? It’s really foolish to jump the gun on any controllable player and he had a decent year just last year. Urena has always had control issues and the only person who truly knows if it was intentional or not was him. You can speculate all you want on your opinion but management isn’t making personnel decisions on pure speculation.
  12. Lakeshow00

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Jarlin Garcia is absolute trash. Dudes doing his best to ensure a top 3 pick for us.
  13. Lakeshow00

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Yep, I think that’s definitely why he got hit.
  14. Lakeshow00

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Mattingly is old school and this stuff happened all the time in his day. I wouldn’t put it past him to ordered Urena to hit him there.
  15. Lakeshow00

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Pretty much. Urena is in the top 5 in hit batters as well.