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  1. All really good hitting teams too. Teams seem to have their scouting report out on him since the first 2 Cards games.
  2. Because “trolling” a last place team is really something that would make a lot of sense douchebag
  3. Amazing how you come to a defense of a guy hitting .186
  4. Brinson is who we thought he was.
  5. I never said proof about other stuff, I’m referring to strictly the Castillo situation. IE quotes or something similar after the fact that would provide any insight on that move (after Loria sold). Obviously there isn’t going to be anything 100% but I’m sure the fans or media would like some insight. I find it hard to believe he was just a lap dog to Loria and had no say in anything .
  6. That isn’t any proof at all. Nice try though....
  7. And your biased with your hate of Loria if you want to play that card. Do you have any proof?
  8. So Hill has 0 say and this was all his boss? I find that hard to believe.
  9. He’s incompetent because there was no reason to trade Castillo and he tried on TWO occasions to get rid of him. What is the thought process to get Castillo out of town so badly? All will be forgiven if his recent trades work out and this team becomes competitive again and makes the playoffs in 2 years or comes close but his prior track record will keep people skeptical until proven otherwise.
  10. A lot of the pitchers in the system outside of Sixto aren’t a sure thing and have showed the promise that Gallen has. The guy was dominant this year in the minors and looked good in almost every one of his major league starts so far. Gallen could of been a part of the future and rebuild and a good middle rotation guy for this team. Good pitchers are hard to find and outside of Caleb, he seems to be the only polished starter this team has. Brinson was also a potential stud and we have all seen how that has worked out so far. It just irks me to see so many successful ex Marlins pitchers that Hill just trades away and you look at some of the returns we have gotten just hasn’t worked out. Luis Castillo is a prime example as well and many others..
  11. In the meantime, Gallen continues to impress with 5 more shut out innings. Still bugs me that he was let go. Watch him turn into the next good pitcher this team let’s go....
  12. Unless Caleb comes through, I can honestly see a 13 game losing streak.
  13. this offense is so bad. Outside of Degrom, the last 3 starters have been hittable and this offense has a total of 6 runs against them.
  14. It’s expected when you have a team that doesn’t hit for power at all and has so many high % groundball hitters. If they aren’t hitting into DPs, they striking out in key situations.
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