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  1. Anderson is a DP machine as well. Should of sent Herrera for sure.
  2. The dumbest manager in baseball strikes again. No reason to pull Alcantara so early just like there was no reason to pull López yesterday.
  3. He stunk it up when he got the chance in Milwaukee and they couldn’t wait to get rid him of him in the small sample size there, he sucked all last year, and now this year it’s all the same. His numbers aren’t any better and possibly worse then the guys you just named. The guy has had 3 chances so far in the big leagues and can’t hit major league pitching. I’m not sure how many more opportunities he needs to show he doesn’t belong at this level.
  4. Another day, another shut out with nothing but singles. This team....
  5. He just gave up 4 HRs in 1 1/3 tonight. ERA now over 9. Good grief this guy has fallen off a cliff since he left here....
  6. Good. That’s where he belongs. He has shown nothing to warrant being up here and every time he gets a shot, he shows he is nothing but a AAAA player.
  7. 60 day DL for a back strain? Something sounds “fishy” here.
  8. I’d love to know what kind of dirt this guy has on Don. There is no sane reason to bat the weakest power hitter outside of Rojas cleanup. Hell, his slugging % is almost below 300 now. I know the picking are slim but this makes no sense.
  9. They are a bad team with a bad manager. This is to be expected. The win streak wasn’t going to last long and they can only play over their heads for so long until they fall back down to earth. Sad thing is, there is currently 3 other teams that are even worse than the Fish now. Go go MLB parity....
  10. Marlins scoring runs?? You’re hilarious.
  11. Typical Marlins but what more can you expect with a team that has Starlin Castro batting cleanup.
  12. Overall, the starting pitchers have been decent. The bullpen on the other hand, a friggin dumpster fire.
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