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  1. How does riding the bench hurt ones arm?
  2. Tayron is garbage along with Chen and Conley. Absolutely can’t throw strikes and has only one pitch. 3 guys that shouldn’t see the light of day in a close game.
  3. I hate watching Richards. The guy is BP outside one pitch.
  4. Oh wow, just a few weeks ago, he was being talked about being a potential callup soon. I guess that’s gonna be on hold
  5. Did Brinson play? Amazing how Austin Dean flat out rakes in AAA and up here, he can barely hit .200.
  6. and Conley being our future closer.
  7. Castro had a hit if he ran from the start
  8. Miggy has been good this whole year in every fashion.
  9. So Romos whole strategy was to pitch Cano away yet we have a shift on? Just little things like that tells you just how dumb this manager is.
  10. The fact that Anderson said 2 different things to the umpire, you gotta take his side and come out and if you get thrown out, so be it. This crew has been terrible all series (Alfaro got screwed last night as well) and Don just sits there and says nothing.
  11. You would think after all these years, they would be trained to watch the ball go over the plate but so many umpires continue to be fooled by where the catchers mitt ends up at instead and always call those pitches balls.
  12. Of course Don sits there all quiet and won’t even take up for his players. He’s such a joke
  13. It’s amazing how some of these umps are still fooled by that.
  14. Anderson with a chance for redemption. Just keep it off the ground...
  15. Pitch #2 was a gift. These umps...
  16. He must of feasted on some terrible AL pitching in that division because he has looked bad ever since he came over.
  17. I understand signing Puello and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle but he has been atrocious since he came here. If Riddle and Puello are going to continue to not hit, it’s going to force them to call up Brinson soon.
  18. Then one of them said at the tail end that they don’t mind giving up a free run. I guess they feel the Mets bullpen is easily scored upon but you always have to be a realist and know that this offense is the worst in the NL and going 3 is almost game over.
  19. These Marlins announcers are really stupid. You don’t concede a run there when you’re down 2 in the 6th inning.
  20. Terrible call. I’d be ripping into the ump if I was Alfaro.
  21. Riddle is so overmatched up here. Anyone but the Marlins FO and Donny can clearly see that.
  22. Jesus, what a terrible AB by Cooper there
  23. Good win. Screw the Braves
  24. 4-2. Caleb’s pre injury stuggles continue so far....
  25. No one wants a bottom tier 2nd baseman in Castro as well. The Yankees gladly gave him up as part of the Stanton deal. He has 0 value with that contract and I doubt the Fish will pay part of his contract and ship him out. Just another waste of money ala Chen. This is the really the first time that Rojas has any value outside of being a backup so hopefully some team overpays for him. I can’t see him being part of the rebuild already being over 30
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