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  1. It’s not emotional to say he’d been sucking at hitting until the last couple of games. You could argue it was too small a small sample size.
  2. I got a 2021 Topps pack, one of the big ones with 65 cards, the other day. I pulled a numbered Topps all star rookie. I didn’t think much of it. Turns out it’s selling for ~$75! It’s Alec Bohm, # out of 499. I also bought some really cool Marins cards recently. When they come in the mail, I’ll share pics here. I think y’all will enjoy 😀
  3. P.S. How did Berti get good? He pretty much sucked in the minors until he got to the Marlins. And he’s 31, so that’s rather late to bloom.
  4. Berti’s catch was UNBELIEVABLE. One of the best I’ve seen. I am a Berti fan boi. Great efforts all 4 games. Fun series. Gotta love the result, taking 3/4 from a team that took the Dodgers 7 games last year. Rogers has star potential. This rotation looks scarier good and scarier good over time. Sandy, Rogers, Cabrera, Sixto, Meyer all with stuff to be #1s or #2s in this league. And then you’ve got Pablo, Elieser, Castano, Neidert, and Garrett. Hot diggity. Maybe Elieser becomes an ace closer or something.
  5. Floro really earned this jam. Bad pitch to Enciarte 0-2. No comment on Acuña lol. Lost Freeman after 1-2, I believe. Freeman made him work.
  6. I think that’s a little much. He’s still a fantastic fielder and takes walks. But I may not mind having Berti get regular starts at any of 3B, 2B, and SS. EDIT: fantastic “fielder,” not hitter.
  7. Love that guy. Terrific win. No matter what happens today, this was a helluva series for the Fish. With Rogers on the mound, you’ve got a real shot at the 🧹🧹🧹
  8. Garbage. This team keeps getting screwed by the umps. A miracle that Alfaro hit the ball well 😅
  9. Wooooooo Chiseled Chisholm! What a friekin catch by Duvall.
  10. I gave Jorge a new nickname... Alfar-0 and 2
  11. 🎵 Banging on a trash can, strumming on a street light! 🎵
  12. Lots of fun seeing them keep scoring and scoring. On a day when Pablo struggled from the jump — the first 3 batters all smoked the ball — it’s nice to find a way to win.
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