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  1. Is there any strength of schedule data anywhere? My lord, this schedule looks brutal. I bet we’d be towards the toughest. Let’s hope the Phillies suck. Otherwise, just the 4 games against Baltimore. All the other teams seem like contenders, no?
  2. Yeah, but all of us from MB.com always liked to sit next to each other and cuddle. Now, this is off limits 😭
  3. And Edgar Martinez! Another Hall of Famer released with a tweet -- shameful.
  4. I just like alliteration. I rarely if ever have opinions on draft picks, perhaps with the exception of what positions an NFL team drafts.
  5. MLB's Miami Marlins Make Major Mistake -- Miss Me with Minnesota's Max Meyer, Muses Mish
  6. Most people have at-will employment; baseball players often (typically?) have guaranteed contracts. Also, the owners have equity in the business. They take on the risks in order to reap the potential rewards. That means the upswings and the downswings are part of the package for them.
  7. I agree with most of this. I didn’t think it was fair to go after the players for being “ungrateful” or “greedy” but not the owners. Remember, the players have risked a ton as well. They have focused on their baseball skills rather than pursuing other valuable paths. Also, most owners have many other streams of income. And to boot, owning a team has historically been an extremely-safe investment. Your point about 60% of revenue and wanting 100% of pay is well-taken creates some interesting questions.
  8. I'm pretty sure the team owners earn much more outrageous amounts of money for no more effort than the players put in.
  9. In a few years, the answer will be Ichiro. Mark Buehrle and Dave Magadaan deserve mentions, too.
  10. Exactly. Took a division that was already really tough and made it even more insane. lol
  11. Um, that's a brutal division. Whoa.
  12. If they’re looking into it, I’m sure they see money to be made. I think people are so hungry for sports that there potentially would be huge viewership and tons of advertising revenue.
  13. I will be angry if more sports league take from a limited pool of available tests and medical staff to make money. Don’t get me wrong — I’d love to see games. But we’re all sacrificing, and this kind of profiteering makes me sick. And the support of federal health officials doesn’t mean shit to me if they’re under Dump’s thumb.
  14. Stay home, you millennials + @Das Texan ?
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