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  1. Well, darn. Wishing the kid a speedy recovery and hopefully coming back even stronger.
  2. Well, this should be interesting. Also, most articles are saying Topps is OUT! I mean, Panini doesn't have an agreement, and they do more than fine. Topps may stick around, just not with an officially-licensed product. Someone also suggested Fanatics would buy Topps and continue producing (at least some) cards under the Topps label. That would be neat.
  3. Isn't it $8.5M, or am I misunderstanding?
  4. But I also don't think the Marlins offer was unreasonable. I guess he doesn't believe he can get more than $8.5M in year #4 if he takes that deal. The Marlins offered him $12M+ per year for those 3 years. Over the 4 years, he wanted just over $11M per year.
  5. Oh hai McCambley. Getting comfortable in AA I hope. Hella impressive.
  6. In my opinion, he's at least earned a long look to start somewhere in the OF next year. With the way this team "spends," they'll guarantee him a spot and use it not to sign a higher-profile free agent like Marte. #provemewrong
  7. In terms of organizational assets, that would be a no brainer.
  8. Which policies do you consider radical?
  9. Holy shit, this is extremely reasonable! I think it's more nuanced that just governments or the establishment are the problem. Lately I've come around to the idea that human nature on average tends to be shit. And while I wish that humans could self-govern, I have extreme doubts. The people I respect don't blame the white man but rather "white supremacy." And that has a particular meaning (i.e. roughly the ideology that whiteness is better (which has a foothold across the world)...just as racism does (namely the systemic nature of the oppression). But the American left likes to battle over words and semantics to virtue signal way more than is helpful. And so we (as a society) end up fighting about those words much more than is productive. A friend once proposed the idea that capitalism requires a "haves" class and a "have-nots" class. From there, racism becomes one convenient vehicle for oppression. I suppose the visibility of the difference (between the haves and have-nots) could be key. Hence the yellow star for Jews in Nazi Germany. Or why women and people of different skin tones can fit. I'm just thinking out loud here. I found his theory interesting, to be sure. And perhaps the precursor to it being people who believed they could gain money, power, influence from capitalism (or whatever other economic structure). And yeah, @Das Texan is 100% right about the political parties thing. Historians point to the King family's endorsement of JFK as the key event. That was preceded by JFK calling Coretta Scott King while Dr. King was in jail in 1960. See here. And by the way, political parties are quite literally organizations/associations. They choose their own ideologies and activities. I vote Democrat because they are the closest to my ideas in most (definitely not all) cases. But take Brazil for example. There, the left was disgustingly corrupt. It's what Mechanism (on Netflix) is about. If that were the case here, and a Republican with integrity was the opposition -- say, Mitt Romney -- then I'd vote Republican for the good of the country.
  10. That wasn't how I read the tone, but of course I don't know his actual intentions. Did you know that Black Americans are still incarcerated at higher rates per capita than White Americans? I'm pretty sure it's beyond false that "only one type is reported."
  11. The BB and K rates are still troubling. But I am absolutely loving his growth. And like @Entendu and others, I'm especially rooting for him as a South FL kid who seems to have a good attitude (unlike Monte Harrison).
  12. If true, this is just horrifying. There's a special place in hell for people who do things like this.
  13. Why does it have to be either/or? There is all kinds of tribalism and bigotry both in the US and abroad. There are situations and moments and geographic places in which the "dominant" person or group can shift. And also there are crystal-clear statistics about different life outcomes at a group/societal level for different groups of people in the US. For example coastal vs. rural; Black vs White; Straight vs. LGBT; etc.
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