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  1. Was he the one with the huge slap shot, or was that Macinnis, or both of them?
  2. Carolina would like a word with you
  3. Brewers sign Brad Boxberger? I give that deal a B!
  4. Dominant performance tonight. A fun start indeed, @Erick. Who was the other big panthers fan here, was it Dr Beinfest? I was trying to remember.
  5. Y’all have a tendoncy to get ridiculous in these threads...and I’m here for it.
  6. Do you need an agent? Sounds like he must work on commission.
  7. So sad to see this. RIP, Mr. Gomez
  8. At this rate, for us to get it, you’ll either have to repeat it many times or just distance yourself from it.
  9. One more note: 3/5 starters in my hypothetical rotation have had success at the MLB level. Cabrera had success at AA in 2019. Meyer is 22 years old and pitched in college for 3 years. In short, you could also argue that these guys have pretty low floors and high likelihoods of MLB success, given their success at upper levels, polish, and "stuff." That's very promising relative to, say, a bunch of high-ceiling guys in A ball.
  10. Can I just gush about how good the rotation is looking over the next couple of years? 1. Sixto Sanchez 2. Sandy Alcantara 3. Max Meyer 4. Edward Cabrera 5. Pablo Lopez The rest: Trevor Rogers -- Top 100 Prospect Braxton Garrett -- Former Top 100 Prospect Eliezer Hernandez -- Looked great at times last year Nick Neidert That's like 4 guys with ace potential + Pablo + 2 Top 100 prospects + a couple more arms with big league starter potential. Wow.
  11. Blatant disrespect? That's rather strong. She deserves time to get to know the roster.
  12. Dang, Sixto with the #1 changeup, and also in the top 5 for both specialty pitch (cutter) and overall control 😮
  13. Seems like a good pitcher to take a chance on. I would like Kintzler back, too. Not as the closer, but as a 6th/7th inning guy, or the guy you bring in when you really need a double play, I think he'd be great.
  14. I'm pretty sure all of our hitting prospects are male. Maybe we have some they/them folks I didn't know about?
  15. Poor Craig Mish. Not to be hyperbolic, but he may initially believe that we care so much about him. Eventually, though, he'll realize there were other factors. All in all, I'm glad he writes for the Marlins and not the Cardinal.
  16. It's like y'all forgot about Brian Anderson!
  17. Are you scared you won't be a great writer without trauma, and so you continue to follow this team? 😅
  18. Yamameatball is still a hilarious nickname. Nevertheless, I wish him well wherever he lands.
  19. Does this increase the chances they’ll deal Contreras?
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