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  1. You like 'em young and controlled, @SilverBullet?
  2. I’m usually not too critical, but this one is ugly lol
  3. Where's your typical Jocular attitude?
  4. Marlins got some of the highest marks from a couple of draft reports I read. Nice to see. Hopefully they can sign their top 2 picks.
  5. I prefer to keep Pablo and move Sandy. For some reason, as much as he's done well, I just don't fully trust Sandy yet.
  6. Max Meyer and Jake Eder say hey, too. Cpngrats to Pablo, that’s just fantastic. Lots of people here wanted to trade him in 2019, feeling like selling high was good. He seems only to have improved. I’ve always loved his stuff. Maybe Thomspon should become a late innings guy if his swing-and-miss is legit.
  7. Whether at the trade deadline or in the off-season, which positions would you most want to upgrade? Assume all the current players (ie including Marte) can either return or be upgraded. I’d keep Marte, Jazz, Miggy, and Jesus Sanchez. In order, I most want to upgrade: 1. Catcher 2. Right Field 3. Third base 4. First Base It’s funny, that as bad as the offense has been, only Catcher is IMO a no-brainer upgrade. I like Aguilar, but there are certainly better first baseman in the league (whether or not they’re available). On deck from the farm: JJ Bleday, Lewin Diaz, Burdick, anyone else?
  8. Where do you see this? I couldn’t find it in the article.
  9. Well deserved. Congrats! Week one I could tell Trevor and Jazz were severely underrated. That’s why I started grabbing some of their cards. Wish I would have grabbed even more back in April! If Jazz hadn’t gone cold the last 4 weeks, he would have had a shot, I think. Marte if he had been healthy throughout. Sandy and Pablo could’ve made it, but I’m not upset that they didn’t. Is each team still required to have a rep?
  10. This feast-or-famine run we're on is unreal. In the last 14 games, they've scored 3 runs or less 10x, 10+ runs 4x, and Between 4-9 runs 0x.
  11. Do you really need us to pour it on?
  12. I'm hemp over hops these days. When I drink, it's: Typically a stout, barrel-aged or otherwise. Occasional IPA. Wine with my fiancee sometimes. And bourbon neat or on the rocks when I'm in the mood.
  13. Hey, guys! I’ve got a cool idea. Let’s bring in the guy with a 0.00 ERA for the 7th inning of a 9-2 game. Super high leverage, bro.
  14. Don’t worry, people. $13M a year for an elite CF who is in great physical shape is way too much. And anyway, we have KAMERON MISNER.
  15. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes, thanks!!!
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