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  1. Does this increase the chances they’ll deal Contreras?
  2. It’s another iteration of the Bernie Sanders meme from Joe Biden’s inauguration!
  3. Whatever it is, that was a nice deadlift!
  4. Wilson Contreras would be very nice.
  5. What would be the dream team? Gotta have penguino, probably Das also.
  6. Good point about Covid revenue loss — perhaps it hurt the Marlins less than most other teams 😜 #hiddenbenefits
  7. Ohhhhh gotcha. Thanks for clarifying! Haha
  8. So the guy cleared waivers, they seem likely to non-tender him, and yet the asking price is "extremely high." Does that make sense to anyone else?
  9. I mean, Florida kinda sucks. If you can dump DeathSantis and actually take Covid seriously, then I'd consider it.
  10. I'm very much a social justice warrior, but this shit is just idiotic. And from a white guy, no less. As if it's Jeter's fault that MLB doesn't have more Black GMs? Pushing him out when his contract expired? And I'm not even sure if we have the details of Ng's contract...just stupid.
  11. This is exciting. It’ll be nice to be associated with positive news for this. Maybe “out of the box” isn’t the best wording, but it’s still a big deal when a glass ceiling or other barrier gets pierced. That’s so regardless of how qualified the person is. I’m sure this means a lot to many women and women of color. And now each future person has to deal with less and less stigma through their journeys.
  12. And it's not his first DUI, either. Shameful behavior.
  13. Kintzler, Boxberger, Hoyt, Garcia, Bleier are all nice bullpen pieces, as @marlinsmaniac said. Add 2 more quality arms, and you should have a solid starting squad.
  14. I don't really understand what this tweet means lol
  15. I was just talking about this with my Dad yesterday. Sixto has absolutely wonderful potential. And also, there's no need to rush him. AAA may be the place to start. He'll be up here for the long haul soon enough.
  16. Seemed like a no-brainer, but glad to see it nonetheless!
  17. Is the suggestion here that one of the “fringe OFs” + secondary piece(s) would net you a quality big leaguer? No chance. And Ureña has no value. Holloway has next to no value. Guzman looked terrible. I think you’re way over-inflating what those type of guys would bring back in a trade.
  18. Sounds like they’re all keepers, perhaps unless Steck’s injury is a career-ender
  19. Damn, I feel rather sad about this.
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