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  1. 3 hours ago, rmc523 said:



    Covid revenue hits (both the little gate revenue we have and the lack of revenue sharing) for 2020 also are a factor - it's quite possible that they could've pushed to 100M, but after covid, I never saw that as a real possibility.


    The question with Anderson for me though is - we've seen improvement each year - do you sign him to a team-friendly deal now before he (hopefully) breaks out, or do you wind up having to pay more later because you didn't extend him soon enough/before the breakout.  I've advocated for the former, because even if he doesn't break out beyond what he's been doing, he's still been a solid player, even with the inconsistency you mentioned - his numbers seem to "be there" (and going up) at the end of the year all together.

    Good point about Covid revenue loss — perhaps it hurt the Marlins less than most other teams 😜


  2. 9 hours ago, marlinsmaniac said:

    Lol no that last tweet he embedded was From last offseason (check the time stamp at the bottom of the tweet). He’s just illustrating the marlins previous interest in him 

    Ohhhhh gotcha. Thanks for clarifying! Haha

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  3. 15 hours ago, taiwanmarlin said:

    We want to trade for him last off-season, 

    Just wait and see, 

    So the guy cleared waivers, they seem likely to non-tender him, and yet the asking price is "extremely high." Does that make sense to anyone else?

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  4. 27 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:


    I'm very much a social justice warrior, but this shit is just idiotic. And from a white guy, no less. As if it's Jeter's fault that MLB doesn't have more Black GMs? Pushing him out when his contract expired? And I'm not even sure if we have the details of Ng's contract...just stupid.

  5. This is exciting. It’ll be nice to be associated with positive news for this.

    Maybe “out of the box” isn’t the best wording, but it’s still a big deal when a glass ceiling or other barrier gets pierced. That’s so regardless of how qualified the person is.

    I’m sure this means a lot to many women and women of color. And now each future person has to deal with less and less stigma through their journeys.

  6. 22 hours ago, marlins_09 said:

    It’s possible that the a Royals price themselves out of a partner for Salvy. The smart thing for them IMO would be to trade him and really begin their rebuild, but if they’re stuck on getting a Bleday/Meyer/Cabrera return, no thank you. 

    I fully expect one of the fringe OF’s to be moved in a deal this offseason: Connor Scott, Jerar, Misner, etc. We’ll get a good sense of how the organization views these guys. 

    From there, there are multiple secondary pieces that can included to increase the value if needed: Urena, Alfaro, Guzman, Holloway, any of the 2020 draft picks outside of Meyer/Fulton.


    Even Elieser is a guy that could be moved for the right piece. I would rather not unless it’s for a controllable, truly impactful piece, but it shouldn’t be off the table. 

    It’s going to be an interesting offseason! 

    Is the suggestion here that one of the “fringe OFs” + secondary piece(s) would net you a quality big leaguer? No chance. And Ureña has no value. Holloway has next to no value. Guzman looked terrible. I think you’re way over-inflating what those type of guys would bring back in a trade.

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