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  1. What happened to Meadows this year? I didn’t realize he had performed so poorly until I looked up his stats. 2019 was great; 2020 was 😩
  2. Great, fun, exciting, inspiring season. I'm looking forward to next year. I'd really love to see at least 2 of Isan, Jazz, Jesus, Lewin, Lewis, Magneuris, and Monte (I, J, J, L, L, M, and M lol) hit enough next year at some point to stick in the lineup. That would have me feeling much better about the future. I think we've got enough rotation arms that I wouldn't sign anyone unless they truly have great upside. Pablo, Sandy, Sixto are locks. Elieser, Braxton, Trevor, Edward, Max Meyer, Castano all in the pipeline. I think we can upgrade C, 1B, LF, and RF I'm down with M
  3. I’m feeling depressed. Also, is Aguilar under contract for next year?
  4. Joyce is a fucking terrible hitter. Mattingly needs to get his dumb ass out of the lineup.
  5. I don't watch Acuna enough to know how he is regularly. But remember Hanley jogging after the ball? He was a brat and a half.
  6. And he's Nick Anderson's father. That's why he only would be on either the Marlins or Rays.
  7. Yep. It had us sharp and trial tested, don't ya know?
  8. Agreed. While I'm enjoying this current ride, I think the championship window really starts 2022. There's time for more seasoning and development for guys like Jazz, Lewin, Jesus Sanchez, etc. And then, based on what we're really seeing, we can fill holes. Possibly spots like catcher, 2B, an outfield, a starter. And of course always fortifying the bullpen helps.
  9. Best of luck to you, Francisco, in whatever you choose next!
  10. Yep. Truly fantastic. I watched almost every pitch, and I only counted one call that was “wrong” based on the TV strike zone overlay
  11. The biggest dick!!!!!! I think I sprained my dad’s wrist high-fiving him 😂
  12. Thanks @CyggyMarlin. I snagged the hat with the postseason logo on the front for $30. I like the one with the postseason logo on the side, too, but I already have the same hat sans the postseason logo.
  13. Samson! Don't worry, big guy. For me, I just do banana for any post that doesn't fall under any of the other emojis. For Samson's tweet, I just don't even know what to think lol
  14. This post, to me, is exactly what the banana reaction is meant for.
  15. Except 2/1 odds means you’re expected to win 1 out of 3 times, so....🤪
  16. Hugs to you, my friend. Thank you for sharing 🤗❤️
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