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  1. That moment and Monte getting hit with the ball, it was like...TEAM OF DESTINY! ๐Ÿ˜…
  2. Okay, Kintzler, go and totally redeem yourself for sucking all season.
  3. You can still pinch run with Harrison at least.
  4. I donโ€™t normally get on Don. I think his pinch runner and defensive substitutions have been terrific all year. But this one confused me. and of course Fukfberger walks the first batter.
  5. In case anyone cares, bumping this thread gave me tremendous anxiety thinking that Alfaro was back on the IL!
  6. Maybe the WHO wouldn't be happy. The CDC has become a puppet organization, sadly.
  7. We won. Kintzler sucks. Monte Harrison played a big role as a runner and a fielder. Letโ€™s sweep!
  8. Fuck Kintzler, fuck Kintzler, fuck Kintzler. And fuck Mattingly for sticking with him when Garcia is clearly so much better.
  9. Nice, very nice. 80% on 538; 84% on fangraphs to make the playoffs!
  10. Well, that's where revenue sharing comes in. Hopefully shorter season = higher average ratings and ticket sales per game. And much more playoff-related revenue. And if it's shared around the league, perhaps it nets out positively. I mean, I have no idea how the numbers would/could actually look. But they didn't choose 162 games from some decision they made with the support of business consultants. It's just a relic from, what, 50 years ago or so?
  11. Fuck you, metallic ammunition. @SilverBullet Happy, @Photo-Realistic Billy and @Michael? Geez. I'm an old man already; take it easy on me! ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. I didn't catch the whole game, but I'm curious as to your take. I saw he pinch hit with alfaro, which knocked in some runs.
  13. So why did we cut Alvarez? I still have no answers lol
  14. I see it differently and respect your take!
  15. I wonder about, say, 120 games + 16 playoff teams + all 7-game series. Or maybe 5 games in the first round and 7 after that. Shorter season, more playoff games. Could be fun.
  16. I know this is the wrong thread for this, but since the doubleheaders came up, I'll say that I like them. I think the 7 inning games once in a while are exciting, and they make watching 2 games in one night reasonable.
  17. For the record, even if he did send that out to the press. I like it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This team is fun and a phenomenal story, and if we aren't naturally getting commensurate coverage, then by all means push push push!
  18. Darn. Reminds me -- why the heck did we DFA Alvarez? I really liked him.
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