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  1. Scott Olsen. Someone like Texas will over pay for him. That's what I like about dealing Olsen or Hermida. Someone is going to give us a couple of really nice peices for them. Gregg, on the other hand, will command peanuts. Uggh, we've been over this. :banghead
  2. So, essentially moving Kevin Gregg would get us right in that $38-40 million range. After that, anyone else we trade would probably just free up the amount of their salary in pursuit of other free agents.
  3. For the marlins, to get Salty would be like winning the lottery It would be like a $3 lottery ticket where it's even MORE money. It's like winning the powerball, IN EUROS. Careful now, the Euro has been pretty weak lately...
  4. Maybe they signed Helms because McPherson is a FA this year and they don't wanna resign him. That way they have a good 3 man platoon btw Sanchez, Cantu, and Helms. I honestly don't see how McPherson is so great anyways. I think that Sanchez and Cantu are way better than him. The problem with your proposed platoon is that it consists of 3 right-handed hitters. The reason to platoon with McPherson in place of Helms there is because he mashes lefties. He may or may not ever be good enough to start everyday, but his numbers show he can crush the southpaws.
  5. 2) Hypothetically speaking, if this chatter were indeed true, I find it remarkable how the Marlins would pencil in Gaby Sanchez at 1B next year to replace Jacobs. That would mean that Dallas McPherson could once again find himself in the minors or Jorge Cantu could be traded if the Marlins were to place Sanchez at 1B. Of course, this is just pure speculation, like I would think that article is. McPherson has a 100% shot of being on the MLB team next year because if they don't promote him they lose him. He is out of options. The Marlins can easily have Cantu, G. Sanchez, and McPherson all on
  6. We probably don't need more outfielders, unless they're veterans who could make an immediate impact. We need a couplecorner outfielders. Not with the prospects the Marlins have coming up soon. besides raynor we dont have anyone who is a corner outfielder that is coming up anytime soon. Stanton might be coming up in 2010. Raynor, Maybin, Stanton is a good outfield. I'm still hoping that in 2010 or 2011 we'll have Stanton, Maybin, Hermida. Jeremy will be 27 then I believe, in his prime, and hopefully producing something like what we had once hoped.
  7. I remember being at the A-Gonz game. When he got up, I turned to my dad and grandpa and said "Who's up next inning?" Next thing I knew, the ball was flying - okay, just clearing - that wall in left and we went insane. So great. I sat in the exact same spot the whole playoffs. Baseball superstitions are the best.
  8. Terrible question, because you don't know what Cabrera's stats would've been against NL pitching What are you talking about? DH affect pitchers, not hitters. If Cabrera stayed with the team, we would had 4 infielders with 30+ HR. He was talking about trade value, and if Cabrera had to face NL pitching, he most likely would've had completely different stats. That is why it is stupid to ask if we kept him could we have made just a good of a trade If there is some sort of difference in his stats which was to be expected if he was in the NL, then GMs are aware of that, too. I don't thi
  9. Am I the only one who thinks De La Cruz can become quite a solid big league reliever? Well, De La Cruz haven't proven him self. But from what he has shown us, he will only be a below average RP. Haha, usually when you say one negative sentence about someone, and the second sentence starts with "But," you expect the second sentence to be at least somewhat positive. Not here - "He hasn't been that good. But, he's not that good."
  10. If we want this team to get better somebody has to be traded. The only players not available under any cicumstance are JJ, Nolasco, Volstad and maybe Miller. Everyone else is game. BTW I didn't mention Hanley Ramirez because he is the soul of the lineup...No chance in hell he will be traded. Amezaga is not in that category I'm assuming you're referring to the ML roster only. In that case, Maybin is also not available. Probably not Lindstrom, either.
  11. I know I may sound crazy in this comparison, but doesn't that stance and physique look a lot like Ryan Braun? Honestly, it reminds me of this guys a little more: Pujols obviously crouches down lower but hey both have the long and HUGE arms with a wide stance, Stanton just needs to fill out a little more in the lower half; which by looking at him you can tell that won't be a problem. This gets me way too excited.....I should stop reading now.
  12. With all the things this team needs, I don't think it would be wise to spend money on an injury prone starting pitcher....and starting pitching is something that SHOULD be a strength next year. Wouldn't our [potential] SP depth a reason WHY we should take a risk on a guy who might make a big comeback from an injury? I mean, certainly the price would have to be right.......but with our arms, we can afford to have him get hurt and have no problem filling his spot. But, if he can be healthy and perform, he could be a great addition. Of course, if we are going to pay him several million, th
  13. Now I don't want to assume everyone else's opinion on this matter, but speaking for myself, I don't want to see the team's color(s) changed. I'm already disgusted with all the orange as it is, Florida has enough teams (Dolphins, Hurricanes, Gators,..) with orange, as does MLB (Giants, Mets, Orioles). I don't want to see our team just look like a bunch of other teams in baseball, like the 20 teams who wear red or blue. While I can certainly respect the wishes of those who don't want the team wearing the all teal Jerseys again, I don't know anyone who actually like all this orange and such that
  14. Btw in the title it says #8 CF but in the first post it says #7.......... Oops.
  15. I continue to view Ross as a starter next season, most likely in left field. I think you give him the job outright, he is only going to produce. I think one option a lot of us keep forgetting is the possibility of moving Hammer to first. Like we all know, his value is not too high right now. If we move Jacobs, who is obviously worth much more via trade, and move Hammer to first, we reduce his injury risk and defensive liability. I actually believe he could be a very good first baseman, considering his past at catcher and third base. And if it doesn't work out, he gets injured once more, or
  16. http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2008/10/1...-fielders-of-20 Here's an article which calculated the top CFs, accounting for both offense and defense. A lot more statistics went into this analysis than just errors, steals, HR, etc. And the end result is that Cody Ross is the #7 CF in the majors, better than McLouth, Mike Cameron, Matt Kemp and others. Barring a surprise, I do see Maybin starting in CF, but Cody's number on defense probably would only rise if he plays a corner spot. Bottom line, despite a low OBP and high K's, a lot of his other numbers must look really good. Should he be
  17. It's my magnetic personality and my incredible charisma :BananaLlama Is that the character for the PC game Gadgets & Gizmos? Or just a random banana-looking thing riding some sore of 4-legged manatee?
  18. I've heard some people theorizing that the weak economy will affect salary offers to free agents, and this certainly seems to make sense (and suck for manny, cc, et. al). Is this going to affect arbitration numbers at all? This would seem fair: as ticket sales/revenues fall (people can't afford to buy them) --> players are worth less $$ to their respective teams --> they get paid less $. And, in a business driven purely by profit, this is precisely how it would work. But will arbitration recognize this and adjust accordingly? P.S. I hope the "poor economy" doesn't become an excuse
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