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  1. Darn. Reminds me -- why the heck did we DFA Alvarez? I really liked him.
  2. Wouldn't 2021-2023 be 3 years, so 9 WAR per year would be 27 WAR? Also, it's very hard for me to imagine Monte Harrison being anywhere near a 3 WAR player next year.
  3. Yes, he's swinging the bat MUCH better it seems.
  4. Trevor Rogers and TBD, at least according to ESPN.
  5. I understand it more when it was 13-8 than 11-2. But if it were me, I still would have conceded at 11-2. Yes, you have other pitchers. But those other pitchers suck. And last night was way more likely to be low-leverage time than the next 5 days' games are likely to be. So it does make a difference.
  6. Agreed with this. Once it was 11-2, I think you just leave Yams in there as long as possible. In a normal season with off days and such, maybe you look at it differently. But this team has ZERO off days left and is about to play the 7 most consequential games of our season in a five-day span. Focus on that once you’re down 9.
  7. What the heck is this game? I turned to the basketball game at 11-2 😂
  8. I think it's interesting. I like seeing all the strategy moves that go into it. Not sure whether I'd want them to keep it forever, but it's been a cool...ahem...changeup.
  9. NO. I WANT TO BE ANGRY. Seriously, though, that tweeter sounds like a BFD, but the D doesn't stand for deal.
  10. Kintzler has been and continues to be trash. Can’t hit his spots. Can’t make anyone miss. Way too many walks. Garbage, garbage, garbage.
  11. Poor Brinson. Two runners scored as a direct result of his at-bats, and he doesn’t get any RBIs. Really nice win today. Glad to see Sandy with 8 strikeouts and 6 base runners in 6 innings.
  12. Okay, but the hitter should know whether he fouled it off. So that’s at best poor awareness. Plus, that got so far away that he could have made it to first.
  13. I mean, it’s possible. But it seems unlikely. That was pretty bone-headed, either way.
  14. He definitely knew he whiffed; that’s why he got out of the way. If it had been a foul ball, that wouldn’t have been necessary. So the question remains: why didn’t he run to first?
  15. Can someone start a GoFundMe to get this person Marlins games live?!
  16. Brinson certainly looks to be swinging the bat better.
  17. Interesting. Do you feel the same way about FIP? Those numbers weren't great either.
  18. The ones that blew up more than Renyel blew up innings and Chipotle blows up my belly?
  19. Per Cot's contracts, unfortunately you would appear to be correct. Chen to receive deferred payments of $3M on 11/30/16, $4.5M on 11/30/17, $2M on 11/30/18, $6M on 6/30/19, $4M on 11/30/19, $9M on 6/30/20, $5M on 11/30/20, $15M on 6/30/21, $1M on 11/30/21, $15M on 6/30/22 https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/al-west/seattle-mariners/
  20. The only time I want to hear "Pinto" is when I'm talking about beans. Those memories are too painful for a guy who doesn't have another therapy appointment for 10 days.
  21. If you look at xFIP, it's 3.88/4.54/4.05/5.28/5.37 That's pretty awful for a back-end of a bullpen. As an aside, I thought Boxberger had been better than Kintzler, but xFIP disagrees.
  22. A team of 2 WAR players rarely if ever gets you into the playoffs, by my calculation. BASELINE WAR: 52 wins for a team full of replacement players, ie 0 WAR. https://www.sports-reference.com/blog/2012/08/the-relationship-between-war-and-team-wins/ Say: - 8 position players = 16 WAR - 5 starting pitchers = 10 WAR - 8 bullpen pitchers = 4 WAR - 4 Bench position players = 2 WAR 52 + 16 + 10 + 4 + 2 = 84 wins 84 wins has made the playoffs like 6 times ever.
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