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  1. Dickerson and Joyce have proven records of being decent hitters. Lewin has struggled, but because of his pop, I’m at least excited to see what happens when he comes to the plate. But who knows, maybe coaching is playing a role, as I agree that they as a whole don’t look right.
  2. Just spit-balling here. But let's say the team anticipates not spending $20M+ annually on individual free agents In that case, high-risk/high-reward prospects may be their best chance to get 4+ WAR players. And teams need those guys to make the jump to championship contention. A team full of 2-WAR guys (i.e. average starters) won't get you much beyond .500 typically.
  3. What's cool about the rotation's potential is that the up-and-coming guys are actually pretty close to ready, not live arms in A-ball. We've already seen Sixto, Rogers, and Elieser look good. Cabrera, Neidert, Braxton were/would have been in the upper minors. Meyer hasn't played in the minors, but he's a polished college arm. That all gives me a lot more hope.
  4. Ugh this was what I didn't want to have happen. I mean obviously he'd get some starts with all the double headers. But not as a rotation fixture. On the plus side, Elieser should really help out the bullpen.
  5. The lack of offense is kind of a mystery right now. The only bat in the lineup right now that totally sucks is Alfaro, and they don't have another option at catcher. I don't see how they can really improve. You just have to ride it out, I guess.
  6. Oh, I thought you meant Lewin Diaz. That’s why I was confused. I don’t really have an opinion on Isan’s defense, since I don’t remember.
  7. What’s wrong with Diaz’s fielding? I thought he’s looked great out there.
  8. Wonderful win. Especially with your #5 starter and him leaving early. Great beginning for Marte. I feel excited for each game now, and I come in believing they always have a shot to win.
  9. I like how the defense of Villar was that his offense and defense sucked, but he stole bases. He also got caught stealing 5 times. 9/14 is not very good at stealing. He has had no patience and no power, and he made way more defensive mistakes than I expected. The Marlins also have Berti, Alvarez, and Isan Diaz to play second base. They got a decent prospect for a guy who played a position where they have some depth, and the guy also wasn't panning out and was going to be a free agent after the year, anyway. I think it's a solid move. I liked Caleb more than most here. But at the
  10. Yep. I feel like this is kinda under-discussed. They got wrecked by Covid, lost half the team and 60% of the starting rotation. To be 15-15 after that, and all these double-headers, is fantastic.
  11. That ump with the grey hair looks like Mattingly.
  12. That's what I was thinking. If he's allowed to block the bag like that, then shouldn't Villar also be allowed to truck him, shoulders-first, Bill Goldberg spear style? Like, not only did his foot block the bag, but it looked like he wrapped his leg around Villar's arm such that when when he lifted his leg, Villar's arm had to come off the base. I was furious.
  13. He still had 9 baserunner is less than 5 innings. I know he put them in position to win, but he's not ready to be a big league starter just yet.
  14. I agree with you and hope you're right. I'm just not holding my breath.
  15. Guzman's stuff looked like crapola. I didn't see any movement. And his location was terrible. Obviously his velocity is impressive, but I'm really down on him after watching him earlier this year.
  16. It's hard to imagine them leaving in Sixto and Elieser and booting Urena. But I hope I'm wrong. Let him be a long-man in the bullpen or trade him to someone who gets hit by injuries/covid to the starting rotation.
  17. Honestly, I just didn't think of him. He's maybe one of the highest-upside guys. Holy hell there is some nasty talent.
  18. The stuff matched the hype in his first start. I hope he continues to blossom. 2021: Sixto, Sandy, Pablo, Edward, Elieser/Caleb/Nick/Braxton/Trevor.
  19. I like Cervelli. This stinks. Even if he's healthy, I'm unsure if he's a good enough hitter at this point to play anywhere other than catcher when the team is fully healthy.
  20. I just haven’t been impressed with his movement, velocity, location. But I’m happy to be wrong haha
  21. Has Elieser figured it out? His HR/FB was super low coming into today, but not anymore lol. That's okay, though, since that number regresses to the main/his current pace was unsustainable. The ERA, WHIP, BB/9 and K/9 are still fantastic. If he has figured it out, this rotation can get downright nasty in the near future: Sandy Alcantara Pablo Lopez Caleb Smith Elieser Hernandez Sixto Sanchez Next Up: Edward Cabrera; Braxton Garrett; Nick Neidert; Trevor Rogers. Even Mejia showed some good stuff and has nice Minor League numbers. What do you
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