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  1. Guys, I am SO excited about this. I've honestly wanted him up since we lost 3 starting pitchers to the IL. But once MiggyRo posted about how good he is, I haven't been able to contain myself. Count me in the way-too-excited camp with @Hotcorner.
  2. I enjoyed watching this game. Tough break on the homer by Duvall. Marlins continuing to hang even against one of the top starters so far this year.
  3. I’m mystikol. Nice to meet you, confused.
  4. After you do that, PM me for my business website. I help couples stop fighting about money 😂
  5. Villar hitting like shit the last couple of days
  6. Exactly. It’s not like he’s fat. How could he be that slow? Did he just assume he couldn’t score and jog? 🙄🤬
  7. And he made a terrible throw on that shallow sacrifice fly. I think it’s pretty clear that service time considerations are not why he wasn’t on the big league squad at the start of the year...
  8. Not remotely. Why not pinch hit there with literally anyone?
  9. Was thinking the same thing. Pathetic.
  10. That's my life story; damn right, it's serious. I'm either farting or pooping 1/25 of the time.
  11. Yep! I mean, it's something to keep an eye on, but what the hell, I'm going to enjoy this ride while I'm on it!
  12. I think this should count as two sweeps! It was originally two separate series, after all.
  13. Possible advantage that we got to sign all the best available free agents since we were decimated first? If we can somehow hold onto those players without losing anyone else (i.e. when the original roster guys return), maybe the later teams to have outbreaks will have real garbage players left and be screwed!
  14. Like, the more strange a choice it seems, the more likely there's something we're missing. He wouldn't do this lightly. He has a lot to prove, and he was swinging well the last game or two.
  15. He may also have an underlying condition that he doesn't want to disclose. He figured the risk was worth it initially, but after seeing the outbreak (and/or players' behavior) changed his mind.
  16. Canceling the Phillies-Yankees series is an abundance of caution? Okay....LOL
  17. Could you imagine a team being in playoff position after 45 games and then deliberately contracting covid so they don't have to risk playing out the schedule?!
  18. Son of Brine coming through in a pickle.
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