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  1. It's reasonable that Isan Diaz may be hanging his head a little. After all, he is "competing" against a player with more defensive range, a better glove, better arm, far more footspeed, and of course much more bat speed. I hear the nonsense about Isan Diaz having nothing to prove in the minors. Tell that to Harold Ramirez and Austin Dean, who both had superior OPS to Diaz on that 2019 Baby Cakes team. Fact is, Eddy Alvarez had the same OPS as Diaz on that club. I'm just pleased that Jazz is starting to show signs of fulfilling his vast potential.
  2. I believe Edward Cabrera will come out of spring training as part of the rotation. His upside seems huge to me. Our lefty in waiting should have been Asa Lacy. We were so dang lucky to have a shot at drafting him ... then passed in favor of Max Meyer. Actually, the Jeter regime has screwed up all three of its drafts ... taking Bleday instead of CJ Abrams and then Connor Scott before that.
  3. Monte Harrison may have big contact issues in the majors ... perhaps as poor as Brinson ... but everything else he brings to the field is vastly better than Brinson. So long, Lewis. You don't protect Dickerson. An expansion team doesn't want his salary for next season.
  4. Players did not agree to any pay cut ... merely a proration based on shorter length of season and their contractual salary. You could call it a reduction in hours, I guess, but not a cut.
  5. The ideal outcome for Miami is Lacy and then JT Ginn with second pick. Arguably, the team would net both the top LHP AND RHP in the draft. Ginn had TJS in March and would return early 2021.
  6. Jazz, Monte, Lewin, Jesus, Sixto, Cabrera, Neidert ... those are the guys I want to watch. Milb.tv makes that possible!
  7. Are the big league Marlins just the second best team in their organization? Wichita fans are in for a treat.
  8. Ten different pitchers started games last season. Gallen (the most effective), Richards, and Noesi are no longer with the team. That leaves C Smith, Yamamoto, Lopez, Alcantara, Hernandez, Dugger, and Urena. Yamamoto yielded the lowest BAA and WHIP. Alcantara threw the most innings. Smith and Lopez started well and finished poorly. Hernandez was so-so and Dugger got shelled. Which, if any, of these returning starters will give the Marlins a fair chance of winning this season? How many different players will grace the mound to start games this season? I'll toss out a guess of 13 - the returning seven plus Bradley, Sharp, Neidert, Sanchez, Castano, and Cabrera.
  9. ONE whiff this spring ... that's helpful ZERO walks ... that's a problem
  10. Jorge Alfaro has been cleared to resume his baseball activities ... namely whiffing and chasing down passed balls.
  11. I thought there was also 100% agreement that Sixto looked really fat..
  12. Jeter cheap? Hardly. Yankees paid him a gazillion dollars to hit .256 with a .616 OPS in his final season. That's way beyond expensive. Makes Pujols seem cheap.
  13. No more Clevelander ... one less place to land a twelve-dollar beer.
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