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  1. Wow...what a steal for San Diego...in my opinion, the Reds gave up too much...i wouldve kept Grandal and tried to throw two other B level prospects there
  2. MarlinsBaseball.com Slumber Party 2011: The C.J. Wilson Edition You Gotta Be Here!!! Catch our moves! You Gotta Catch Our Moves!!!
  3. #LAAngels people here have suggested they won't go 6 yrs for cj wilson. If that holds, miami likely holds edge -Heyman does he want a ntc? Even if he did, this front office wouldnt give him one...
  4. He turned into a bit of a douche when he left. Lets not. Very true. Kinda forgot that he said those kinds of things.
  5. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT....no need to hit me...just thought i'd bring it up...gosh
  6. http://www.mlbtrader...an-or-ross.html Looks like Cody's a free agent...do you guys think he's worth a shot as a 4th outfielder/centerfield backup or would you rather keep Petersen as our 4th outfielder?...Petersen is cheaper, younger, and has shown flashes of potential while Cody is beloved by our fanbase and has a history of great moments with us. Thoughts?
  7. Fielder is looking for what...6-7yrs 150-180?
  8. Prince Fielder for half the price along with Mark Buehrle anyone? Prince Fielder is not going to be half the price. I meant cheaper...not half price...but still, I would much rather have a 27 year old, power lefty hitting bat first basemen and very durable starter over an overpaid 31 year old (we think he's 31) player who is getting a enormously long contract that a team may regret in the long run
  9. Prince Fielder for half the price along with Mark Buehrle anyone?
  10. I really dont understand why they make the top of hanley's head sooo wide...other that, sweet pic of the uni in action
  11. Did anyone here eyewitness the Gallaraga home run ? The infamous 500+ foot launch ? I was there with my Dad when I was like 7 or 8 and I clearly remember it. He did it off of Kevin Brown. The next at-bat, Kevin Brown hit him and the benches cleared. Probably the farthest hit homerun I have even seen.
  12. I blame Leo.... Actually it was Greg Dobbs fault, he didn't drink his gatorade during the game and with that his defense suffer which in turn led to bad pitching and is ultimately the reason why the Marlins lost the game, obviously. No...this team just sucks...like SUCKS!!!
  13. Our MVP showed his great defensive skills and made a great throw to 1B. Right. Because that is the single reason we lost the game. Actually, it is. If he makes a routine throw, the game is over. I would have to agree with Erick on this one.
  14. The HRs kill him along with all decent LH batters...I don't know what it is but lefties just always tear him a new one...
  15. No run support...this team really bugs the crap out of me...
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