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  1. I think Pablo Lopez is the best young MLB-ready starting pitcher. You also drew that very narrowly in what feels like an intent to serve your own point. Sixto is going to be ready sooner than you know it. Caleb isn’t super young, but he’s got plenty of prime left at 28. I like all 3 of them more than Gallen, and I really like Gallen. With the plethora of high-upside arms who are *also* showing success at A+ and above — including strong strikeout numbers — there’s a lot to be excited about.
  2. OF: Jesus Sanchez..........Monte Harrison...................???? (JJ Bleday, Victor Victor Mesa, Connor Scott, and/or Kameron Misner hopefully eventually) IF: Brian Anderson.........Jazz Chisholm......Isan Diaz.......Lewin Diaz C : Jorge Alfaro Rotation: Sixto Sanchez; Caleb Smith; Pablo Lopez; Edward Cabrera/Braxton Garrett/Trevor Rogers/Nick Neidert/etc. Whatever bullpen. I like this all a lot. Of course not everyone will pan out. Very promising, though.
  3. I was just yesterday looking at Gallen's numbers. The strikeouts are GREAT, and obviously the ERA is terrific. But below the surface, there may be trouble lurking: Walks: 4.5/9 innings...this is alarming BABIP: .260; Line Drive %: 27%....this is not sustainable HR/FB: 8.3%...MLB average is ~13-14%. This is extraordinarily low and not sustainable Unsurprisingly then, while his ERA is fantastic at 2.72, his FIP is 3.58, and his xFIP is 4.46. I love what he's done so far, and yet it's entirely possible he ends up a back-of-the-rotation type of guy. Things I like about this trade: Trading from a position of depth (pitching) Trading a guy at his peak value in Gallen Trading for players at a thin position (shortstop) Trading for a guy not as his peak value who is still viewed by many as an electric, elite prospect Overall, I am definitely a fan of this approach and this trade.
  4. Good point. So at least 6. And I feel like a couple of other dudes aren't far off. That's pretty impressive.
  5. Along with Sixto, they have at least 5 Top 100 prospects.
  6. I like Richards, but trading 2 guys whose future is likely in the bullpen for a decent relief pitcher and a top hitter prospect sounds like a great deal for me. These are the deals that smart teams make: trading fringey, replaceable players for ones who have a chance to be special, especially in an area where the team has a greater need (i.e. hitting).
  7. How about Forrest Whitley's 12.21 ERA in AAA? Feeling a lot better about Sixto right now than Whitley...
  8. Yes, impressive. 9 strikeouts. He’s continuing to impress.
  9. Interesting that Monte Harrison is no longer in the Top 100. Either way, 5 in the top 100 looks pretty good. And there are a few others who reasonably could have been in there.
  10. Y’all. This team may lose 100 games. You have a young, club-controlled player on pace for a second consecutive 3-WAR season. Maybe they find an elite replacement, but this guy is super solid at the moment. He might be the most-solid — and with an actual track record — position player on this squad right now.
  11. Yeah! You lost, so you’re a woman! Because women are bad and we hate them! Men win; women lose!
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