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  1. Richards is 26 and has an above-average (albeit slightly) ERA. He's sitting at 4.18. National League average for starters is 4.30, MLB average for starters is 4.46. He was also in the average range last year. Average would be a #3/#4 starter on an average team, right? This is definitely the kind of player you hang on to. He's striking out nearly a batter an inning across his first 2 seasons/225 innings. Patience, y'all.
  2. I actually grew up with markkotsay7, but he joined way before I did. Now I gotta go check my date... edit: 2008! So I guess I just passed my 10-year anniversary
  3. I like that rotation a whole lot better with Caleb over Sandy. And also I get your point about the bats.
  4. Who else is dreaming of something like: 1. Sixto Sanchez 2. Caleb Smith 3. Zac Gallen 4. Trevor Richards 5. Braxton Garrett/Pablo Lopez/Sandy Alcantara/Jordan Yamamoto
  5. Yes; it should also have a semicolon.
  6. I have no idea what this means
  7. Glad ratings are up. Sad that total attendance + TV viewership is still less than many teams' in-person attendance...
  8. Maybe Straily accidentally autocorrected to straw?
  9. I’m a nerd with insecurities, so I had to downvote your post. Sorry, @SonOfJack.
  10. Excited to have you and the roundup back! Thanks for the compilation.
  11. In b4 the puns....oh, wait.
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