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  1. I’m a nerd with insecurities, so I had to downvote your post. Sorry, @SonOfJack.
  2. Excited to have you and the roundup back! Thanks for the compilation.
  3. In b4 the puns....oh, wait.
  4. I'm confused about what bothers you. The 5 minute thing was just made up. I have no idea how much actual time these will save. But I imagine it could make a difference to some fans on the margins. I don't really care much about these rule changes. But I understand why others do.
  5. I think it makes sense to both make efforts to shorten the game and also increase offense. They’re just trying to optimize for both. Like, we want to add as much offense as possible while also saving as much time as possible. Both goals are important to them. For example, if they can save 10 minutes of total game time while also adding 1 run per game, which causes 5 minutes of additional game time, that would be good. They net saved 5 minutes and added offense in this made-up example. That’s the kind of thing I imagine they want.
  6. I didn’t realize that Hanley got ~30 or his 42 career wins above replacement while a Marlin. They actually did really well in moving him when they did.
  7. On the other hand, how often should you be giving out starting positions based on small-sample spring training performance? I wonder if that idea is overblown, outdated, or just unhelpful.
  8. Wow. Honestly, it seems like a bargain for the Padres. Also, I love how this is being reported as the biggest free-agent contract in the history of American sports. It's technically true, and of course reporters always want to be dramatic for clicks. It still irks me when the Marlins gave Stanton more, and they would never acknowledge that. And yes, I know it was backloaded -- which is normal -- and they trade him -- which sucked. It still irks me.
  9. Doesn’t Stottlemyre know that this team has a negative one million excitement level?
  10. https://goo.gl/images/ZGZEBk
  11. Johnny? Pitch to Johnny? I’m Johnny!!!
  12. Johnny? Pitch to Johnny? I’m Johnny!!!
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