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  1. Cause he didn't exactly rape A and A+ ball like Jose did? I'm not sure it's that but he seems to labor quite a bit. I feel like he can't go right after hitters because his fastball is so visible.
  2. Random thought: Why don't I see the "wow" factor in Heaney? Rather, I don't see what all the hype is about..
  3. Where is volstad anyway I believe he was signed and released by the angels this year...
  4. That's the definition of a stressful inning. Not the way you want to start the game, hopefully he can settle down and go 6
  5. Turner reminds me a lot of Volstad No bueno..
  6. D Sweet, a bunt. Way to give them an out. don't like runners in scoring position?
  7. And only threw 20 pitches. If Cishek can go 3 days in a row after throwing 20 one day 1 and 20 more on day 2, Capps can definitely go a second day after throwing 20 pitches. NONE OF WHICH were in a stressful situation, I might add. Keep in mind Cishek would have 24 hours of rest between outings. It's not uncommon for relief pitchers that pitchers the night before a day game not be available the following day.
  8. Dunn ... really? Can't use Capps? Really? Well, I guess Dunn in the 8th and if all goes well, Ramos in the 9th. He tossed 2 innings last night
  9. Section 24 for free Can be picked up in coconut grove or at the park Email me at albertdsabater@gmail.com w your number if you want them and are goin to use them.
  10. asabater

    The Franchise

    How anyone can say the show is boring must have so much interesting stuff going on in their life. I personally like getting a look into the players lives and the happenings of the team, however sh*tty the team may be. I wonder how'd many of the people bitching at the show have actually watched more than one episode. I think after the third show, it was like watching "inside the marlins" rated "R" version.. that's all it was
  11. asabater

    The Franchise

    Show has been canceled.. If only the season could be canceled as well http://blogs.palmbea...-from-showtime/
  12. After really analyzing this, I honestly think the Dodgers did us a huge favor.. No other team would have taken on that much money.
  13. That vendor got pegged in the back pretty hard...
  14. Out of all the pitcher's to send this "message" I don't really think Hamels would be the one to act all tough.. Its silly
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