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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Pablo breaking out of his funk.
  2. I guess they are using more of the ivy throughout the stadium and not just in center field.
  3. This would be a more accurate angle of the batter’s eye. I don’t see a problem here...move on.
  4. Also, it wouldn’t be so bad to have him as a “opener” from time to time.
  5. First, they should start him off as a long reliever and go from there. Like @SonOfJack said, I wouldn’t gamble bringing him in with a one run lead.
  6. Alcantara could get sent down for Smith.
  7. @SonOfJackYes sir, I been wanting FOX to do a show like this for a long time. They did a good job showcasing Harrison and Diaz, their superstar personality/character was evident. Mattingly had a great line about Harrison, i don’t rember the exact words but something like “Most guys talk a big game but they know it’s empty inside, but when Harrison talks, you know it’s real.” Im looking forward to continue watching the series. I believe Nick Neidert and Conner Scott are next.
  8. Jeter is so cheap he didnt care to change the dumbbells logo. #FuckJeter
  9. Based on this tweet from MLB Pipeline the Marlins have the third worst farm system.
  10. Lol that’s funny, I was thinking about this move on the weekend. I believe this is just to get Posada familiarized with all the players throughout the organization and then hand him the coaching position after the 2019 season.
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