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  1. I dont know why anyone is really fucking surprised if you had bothered to read a fucking scouting report.
  2. yup. would make sense if it was like 50 home runs at home and like 80 on the road or something. idiotic argument. But I'm sure Rob Manfred of the "balls are the same" logic is absolutely ok with this.
  3. 0 chance they get picks 1 and 2.
  4. Picking up Stanton was a George Steinbrenner like move. Not anything like a Hal Steinbrenner move at all, which is what made it odd.
  5. None of that other than the last part was needed, tbh. Even then it was stupid tbh.
  6. True probably decided Mattingly's fate before he bought the team.
  7. I never understood that trade from the Yankee side tbh.
  8. Its amazing how much the Marlins coverage seems to have improved with these new guys after Clark Spencer (who basically mailed it in long ago) retired, and well of course there is Scoop. Imagine if they can replace him with pretty much anyone.
  9. Mike Trout is still a career .300 hitter, but since he is under it now that makes a nice point to your argument that batting average is entirely useless. There is a reason why a Rob Deer or Dave Kingman were never truly great offensive players.
  10. I dont think I said scrap heap, but more along the lines of something we had a lot of, which was pitching prospects.
  11. Marlins trying to catch up to the power trend. Hope it doesnt pass them by.
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