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  1. It was also yamamoto's day today and this kinda just happened it seems.
  2. Thats generally how its been done in the MLB draft since going to the slot system. You draft college seniors that basically have zero leverage late in the first 10 rounds, so you can use some of that money for other players to go over slot on.
  3. I hope Adam Conley throws again tomorrow as well!
  4. Thanks to the Marlins for helping make Michael Wacha look competent!
  5. Who cares? They almost needed to use that money after they kinda stupidly acquired it after all the primer IFAs were signed. Though I dont know who the fuck he is and I havent been able to find anything but Frisario's sentence or two, so who knows.
  6. I'm not against this happening.
  7. they did literally nothing all winter because they claimed they were broke.
  8. So kinda like last time he was in AAA in 2017. Guarantee they dont bring his ass back when they are doing well. Barring an injury.
  9. Bowden was basically orgasming over the Marlin draft after Day 1
  10. Glad they finally realized they were the Chicago fucking Cubs and werent broke like they claimed all winter.
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