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  1. Das Texan

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

    Ya might only be top 25.
  2. Das Texan

    Manfred, The Commish

    The only thing that really annoys me is Manfred's push to speed up things in retarded ways. But they dont really enforce anything at the big league level and you really dont notice it in the minors. The IBB rule really affects the game none. It was what? .0001 % of the time it mattered? I'm ok with that. The slide rule? I'm ok with that if the goal is player safety, you should be forced to slide into a base anyway. The mound visit rule hasnt really done anything to change the game, so its whatever.
  3. Das Texan

    Manfred, The Commish

    The blackout rule is the most retarded thing that seriously needs to be corrected. If you can the channel that provides the local team in your market then I can get it. If you cannot, then shouldnt be blacked out.
  4. Das Texan

    Mike Matheny Fired

    Mike Schildt is going to have a real shot at getting this job also. Student of Kissel and the traditional 'Cardinal Way'
  5. Das Texan

    Mike Matheny Fired

    And yes, Yadi and Mike had some issues last year, though for all purposes they worked things out. Now Dexter Fowler and Mike, thats a different story. Though Dexter sucks so it is what it is....
  6. Das Texan

    Mike Matheny Fired

    I never understood why the fuck Mabry still had a job going into this season. The roster really is largely on Mo, its a trash roster. The day to day management has been bad, the bullpen usage and the need to have an extra arm for no real reason has been maddening. Torre destroyed relievers too, it is what it is. Not really sure he has overused anyone this year, probably due largely to Maddux. If anyone has been overused it was Norris. Though given that its basically been Norris, Hicks or total trash, I get it. The team had grown stale with him and it was painfully obvious he had to go. Lets go get Joe.
  7. Das Texan

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    The Royals one fault is that they held on too long with their core group thinking they could still win. They should have traded the house last year instead of being stubborn. the 97 Marlins roster was starting to be torn down before the parade was cleaned up. Slight difference, but yes, titles generally give you some immunity. Even if they didnt win, they wouldnt be the joke that the Orioles are anyway.
  8. Das Texan

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    Exactly. Its why they automatically come in 4th out of the 4 teams I mentioned.
  9. Das Texan

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

    Why should they be an overpay for anyone but Realmuto? Sell high on players like Dietrich when you can.
  10. Das Texan

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

    Why I'm quoted here is curious. I was simply saying the notion that there will be more suitors for Bour this offseason than not likely. Just odd my post was quoted.
  11. Das Texan

    Just call Realmuto daddy

  12. Das Texan

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    More like the bigger joke as a franchise.
  13. Das Texan

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    Royals did win a title some 4 years ago... Kinda overrides whatever the marlins are doing.
  14. Das Texan

    Elieser Hernandez

    Them leaving Hernandez out to dry tells you about all you need to know. If he was a truly important prospect that would have never happened.
  15. Das Texan

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    That's one way to get away from this team. This actually leads to another fun question..... What team is worse... Miami Baltimore Kansas City Chicago (AL) Personally... 1. Baltimore 2. Miami 3. Chicago (AL) 4. Kansas City

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