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  1. Have Billy the Marlin slide into the Clevandlander pool.
  2. L a r r y

  3. Yeah baby. Let's get Stanton to St Louis and in the middle of our lineup.
  4. Game of Thrones

    I cant wait to see that fuck Littlefinger die.
  5. Game of Thrones

    Flee you idiot, you fucking idiot.
  6. Darren Daulton

    Marlins don't win in 97 without Dutch.
  7. Tomas Telis

    Well they really needed to acquire 4 starters. They somehow hit on Straily, great on them. The Volquez deal was moronic then and still is now (especially given his surgery which seemed to come out of nowhere, typical Marlins).
  8. Tomas Telis

    That's what Mike Hill did on the season by not acquiring starting pitching.
  9. Tomas Telis

    30 seconds of work. While taking a shit. Not really that big of a deal.
  10. Tomas Telis

    Who around here said he could hit Major League pitching? I forget. He sucks with the glove and he sucks with the bat. Classic AAAA player. Like I said when they acquired him, though nobody wanted to believe me. *pats self on back*
  11. why are we even sellers?

    and that.
  12. why are we even sellers?

    Do you have proof they didnt? It was pretty much known that teammates knew he was going out and doing stupid shit. They seemed to do nothing to stop it.
  13. why are we even sellers?

    Not disagreeing. But they also did nothing to put support staff to counsel and 'show him the error of his ways' and help him act like an adult. Still 100% on him. But the Marlins didnt seem to give a fuck he was going out and doing coke, et al.
  14. why are we even sellers?

    This current marlins team in the same location and a better support system for its employees has Fernandez anchoring the rotation.