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  1. In this case, I'm sure that sending Sandy down is legit. Sending down Brinson would be about as stupid as the Braves sending down Acuna. I hope that gets fixed in the next CBA. Its fucking stupid.
  2. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    Short term changes. Who cares when this logo will be gone for the 2019 season.
  3. MLBPA files grievance over revenue sharing

    You've become extra obsessed with ole Das ever since Jeter took over. Fact.
  4. MLBPA files grievance over revenue sharing

    No pretty sure. Luckily you dont know more about me or I'd be more concerned.
  5. MLBPA files grievance over revenue sharing

    Loria spent money stupidly but at least he spent money when he perceived they had a chance. It's too bad Pirates ownership was cheaper than Loria in general, never giving a quality front office a real chance.
  6. MLBPA files grievance over revenue sharing

    You sure are obsessed with ole Das.
  7. MLBPA files grievance over revenue sharing

    Wholly ignores that their national revenues have increased by the same amount or more as their payroll has gone up.
  8. MLBPA files grievance over revenue sharing

    The Pirates are a fucking joke. Cheaper ownership than Loria ever was. When Loria saw something that looked like playoffs he at least 'went for it'. Very poorly generally but went for it still. Pirates never did shit really.
  9. Starting Shortstop

    I'm sure @JTRiddlesMom is beyond relieved!
  10. Facial hair allowed

    Besides Cardinals have no personality so its not like I really know the policy or not.
  11. Facial hair allowed

    The above that I stated about Manny remains the same regardless of team.
  12. Facial hair allowed

    If Manny hit .330 with 50 homers I could care less how he dressed or what he looked like honestly.
  13. Frisaro makes solid points on depth

    Thats what the MLB draft rounds 6-the end is for. Let's not forget that Joe.
  14. Do you have an interesting "secondary team" in mind for 2018?

    Yawn. Never said anything about abandoning them. Just that they are cheap fuckers and arent looking to win the division.
  15. Do you have an interesting "secondary team" in mind for 2018?

    My Cardinals are the third best team in the NL Central right now. They are cheap fuckers. I might jsut have to root on the hometown Astros again this year, since they actually appear to trying to win, unlike the Cardinals in St. Louis as of 31 January 2018. (now if we sign someone like a Hosmer/Holland/Moose/Arrieta, then I'll change my tune. We really need at least 2 of them, tbh.)