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  1. Das Texan

    RealMLBquotes: Jose Urena

    I wish this were a real quote.
  2. Das Texan

    Harper seeking 500 million?

    Bryce probably should have had a better free agency year with the bat if he wanted 500 mil.
  3. Das Texan

    Frisaro expects payroll of around $100M

    Why would the Reds team site roast Brinson any?
  4. Das Texan

    2018 World Series Thread

    I actually thought he did a shitty terrible job in Game 3. Not to the level of Roberts (again). But ya. Roberts is going to fall into Matheny levels of awful managing here soon.
  5. Das Texan

    Frisaro expects payroll of around $100M

    he could probably still hit.
  6. Das Texan

    Realmuto's agent says JT will not sign extension

    I hope the Marlins just stick it to JT and force him to play in Miami for 2 years now. In this day and age a 30 year old free agent isnt nearly as desirable. I mean he is trying to force a trade obviously, but the smart move financially would have been to sign a 5-6 year deal last winter.
  7. Das Texan

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    If I recall, there were many who didnt think Salty would ever produce long term. I know Boston made basically zero attempts to bring him back which should say a lot...
  8. Das Texan

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    Burkett maybe was the worst one of the 90s?
  9. Das Texan

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    I'm sure Joe contributed to that article so.... what do you expect?
  10. Das Texan

    Frisaro expects payroll of around $100M

    So Marlins are signing Manny?
  11. Das Texan

    2018 World Series Thread

    Man Dave Roberts is a god awful manager. I guess when you hire a manager with zero experience....
  12. Das Texan

    New Logo Coming

    yawn. imagine if i followed this team regularly, i'd probably be right 85-90% of the time as opposed to the 65-75% I am now.
  13. so i wasnt dreaming necessarily. cool. been a little concerned lately i'm going delirious.
  14. Das Texan

    New Logo Coming

    Look, my contributions happened last winter, when I said I pretty much guaranteed they would do this after the 2018 season. I was told I was full of it. The logo has been basically done for months. The concepts were done from the moment Jeter took over or within a month of that happening. If they could have changed it for the 2018 season, they would have. The quicker they can wash off the Loria stain the better.
  15. The Grasshoppers told the Marlins to go stick it didnt they? Or was I dreaming that.

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