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  1. Das Texan

    Yelich vs Samson

    Which just adds to the anger the players have in general. They feel like they are getting bent over left and right by the owners. When the players were getting 10 year deals they overlooked it obviously, now that they arent, they are quite angered. I bet the owners rake in a good 60-65% of overall revenue, and because of the owners acting like poor fuckers, this strike will probably drastically change that to something similar to other sports leagues.
  2. Wait til 2019 plays out. The trade wasnt just for 2018 you know right?
  3. Das Texan

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    I see what you did there!
  4. Das Texan

    Yelich vs Samson

    Front offices are also manipulating things left and right whenever/wherever they can. Just as much as the Players/ Agents are probably not getting what they want, the Owners arent exactly doing things the right way with these moronic service time moves, which I get but are not in the spirit of the rules.
  5. Das Texan

    Yelich vs Samson

    Man that strike in 2021 is going to be fun.
  6. Actually if I'm a Royals fan I'm fairly intrigued to see what team does. They are trying a semi throw back to the 80s approach with speed pretty much everywhere.
  7. The Ozuna trade was great from my side. We gave up a piece we were going to make into a bullpen arm (and we have tons of young starters) An outfielder we had no real place for. And a couple of lesser prospects. About as fruitful as the Goldy trade this winter, tbh.
  8. I'd love to know how the Orioles are going to improve some 15 games that many of these idiotic sites are predicting when the team is basically worse than last year.
  9. Das Texan

    Sam Miller ESPN Article

    Probably because people feel is biased because its run by MLB.
  10. Das Texan

    Sam Miller ESPN Article

    I think Callis is amazing at what he does, so if he contributes I cant go wrong. Baseball America relies largely on team writers/scouts especially for their reports, so its a good indication of how people consistently watching these kids feel about them, which I like. I'm pretty sure Callis also contributes to MLB Pipeline in some ways and Mayo is pretty damn good also. Keith Law at ESPN is pretty good, but I refuse to pay for ESPN insider because its largely a hot steamy pile of shit, so I cant say anything about that.
  11. Das Texan

    Sam Miller ESPN Article

    I dont follow Fangraphs top 100 list though. Only ones I really pay attention to is MLB Pipeline and BA.
  12. Das Texan

    Sam Miller ESPN Article

    Like I said, I didnt know. :lol His lack of bat control is why he is no longer a top 100 prospect obviously.
  13. Das Texan

    New Billy The Marlin

    I would do the same. Fuck that POS Loria.
  14. Das Texan

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    One factor in the International Slot money is that I think about 8 teams were limited to only spending 300k from past penalty. That wont be the case in 2019-2020. How that changes I'm not sure, but the teams that were limited were trading slot money like candy, because they literally couldnt use it.