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  1. No I mean do they even have the space type deal
  2. WTF is Cooperstown going to do with them? Probably just keep them in South Florida, tbh. :lol
  3. Don wants to stay even if there's a firesale

    payroll that people always quote no. payroll that actually matters, it does count.
  4. well that no trade is gonna get waived fairly quickly.
  5. Don wants to stay even if there's a firesale

    Not if they fire him.
  6. 9/27/17 @ Colorado (Final Road Game of Season)

    fuck you marlins.
  7. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    He loves Mike Hill because Mike Hill is as blind to advanced analytics as Jeter is. Difficult to find in today's MLB.
  8. Brad Ziegler on those complaining about expanded netting

    The net doesnt detract from the overall experience. After pitch 5 you dont even know its there.
  9. All Marlins Team

    I impress myself sometimes.
  10. All Marlins Team

    If I recall Lowell got hurt toward the end of 2003? That may have been what really was the motivation behind picking up Conine.... But memory is a hair fuzzy.
  11. All Marlins Team

    John Boles for all time manager.
  12. All Marlins Team

    I hate when people lump all 3 outfield positions together as if positions mean absolutely nothing.
  13. Marlins Hall of Fame

    Tommy Hutton for Marlins HOF? (would be semi serious) Bryan Harvey? (less serious) AJ Burnett's torn elbow ligament? Dutch Daulton? (rip) Jim Eisnenrich?
  14. Marlins Hall of Fame

    The Marlins would have a Hall of Semi Good at this point. Or just have about 5 members. You kinda need more than 25 years of history before really having a Hall of Fame. Name the teams with individual hall of fames... (I honestly dont know all of them, my guess is that there arent any with less than 50 years of history)