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  1. I really need to change my password I guess.
  2. Amazing how many stat heads in this day and age simply flat out ignore the eye test and disregard it as nothing. Sandy has not really shown the progression needed to establish himself as a consistent MLB starter. Does he still have time? yes. Is the time growing shorter? yes.
  3. That Dominguez deal was one of the best of hte Hill era. Made zero sense as the time, still makes zero sense. Who cares what Dominguez did, he was you know a need position at the time that the Marlins pissed away. The Marlins better fucking hope Harrison is successful. Brinson looks like he has improved zero. Mags is awful. Sandy is what Sandy is, a pitcher with control issues and still hasnt really developed reliable secondary stuff. Having Harrison not suck would kinda be nice. Having Gallen actually get consistent outs at the MLB level would be nice. Might as well call him up soon, not like there are really any players standing in his way at htis point.
  4. Amo Beisbol was an interesting character around these parts.
  5. I must have missed all the calls for the DFA/Demotion of Brian Anderson, Starlin Castro, Grandy man. Joe is just being the lazy sports writer he has been for well over a decade.
  6. I'm sure there have been some calls on Urena too.
  7. There would be massive expansion fees for one, that would more than account for any lost share of national deals for the remainder of any contract if not re-negotiated right away. When the next national deals come out they will be for a higher amount of money.
  8. What will make this period a little more interesting is that no team has money they literally cannot use anymore, thus making trading of that money possibly more difficult to obtain.
  9. Hopefully the A's can get the needed approvals for Howard Terminal by end of year. The Rays... well if any team needs to relocate its that team. A lot of sense: Move the Rays to: Montreal Portland Monterrey ( i guess) Expansion in the other two cities. If not Monterrey then I'd go somewhere like a Nashville, Vancouver or Charlotte. I think Montreal and Portland are done deals whenever it all comes around again.
  10. Those workout day hats are fucking god awful..
  11. I pay attention to all of baseball. Sorry. My comment actually has nothing to with the Marlins other than they have no chance to acquire Robert along with basically every other franchise. Not exactly a slight on the Marlins. More about how highly the White Sox think of Robert.
  12. What does htat have to do with the Marlins having less than a 0% chance of trading for Luis Robert?
  13. Finally out of the penalty phase. Time to go sign some International studs for the Birds on the Bat.
  14. Less than 0% chance of that happening.
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