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  1. I think the pitching staff does have a chance to be somewhat respectable, giving that term the broadest possible definition, provided the bullpen gets shored up with a one or more decent veteran arms. So that has the potential of being the "step in the right direction". But lets not kid ourselves, the positional lineup taking the field will be atrocious, I dare say amongst the worst the game will have ever seen. Runs will be more scarce then they've ever been in the history of this franchise, and that's saying something. If one could discern improvement, it certainly won't be from considering this year's won/loss record.
  2. If negative 1 million is 110 losses or more than I think negative 1 million it is.
  3. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Yep. More like a whole lot of years. I think JT will absolutely mash in Phily and will replicate what Yelich did in Milwaukee. He'll be an MVP candidate. That's not to say the Marlins didn't get a decent return. For once they did OK. But there's an article just posted at ESPN that rips the Marlins another new one over their trade history. What's new, but of course its an article that's hard to disagree with. I certainly don't. Profoundly sad.
  4. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Agreed. The "returns" the Marlins received last year from dumping their all star outfield have guaranteed the lowballing on JT, which I don't think will ever let up. Eventually, the Marlins will give in.
  5. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    After the disaster of the Ozuna and Yelich trades, particularly the Yelich deal, why wouldn't any team desiring JT just wait it out until the Marlins shit the bed? Just seems like the Dodgers are patiently waiting.
  6. SixYearItch

    Miami Marlins Top 32 Prospects

    Confirms that the pitiful return for trading away the best outfield in baseball has wrecked the future of this team. Kudos to Dumbo and Hill.
  7. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    I’d rather keep Realmuto than get plundered again ala Yelich. I can easily see him go 30/100/300 once he gets away from Marlins Park. Rosario et al does nothing to excite me. Put up a Miguel Rojas year in 2017. Whippee.
  8. SixYearItch

    2018 Winter Meetings

    Sources are saying even money both Machado and Harper go to the Yankees, who can easily afford both.
  9. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Rosario, Nimmo and Syndergaard from the Mets or no deal. Mets can scavenge some other team. Rather get plundered by the Dodgers.
  10. SixYearItch

    2018 Winter Meetings

    If they desire respectability Marlins need to be all over Tulo. Dude is a Jeter fanboy.
  11. SixYearItch

    Yadiel Rivera and Brett Graves outrighted

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! not Yadiel Rivera. Best clutch hit pinch hitter in baseball according to the Marlin TV broadcaster buffoons. Team can't continue to sustain these egregious self-inflicted wounds. Its with some good luck that they'll at least be able to fall back on the stable of sub-200 hitters still on the roster.
  12. SixYearItch

    2018 Winter Meetings

    Rafael Santana ?
  13. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    They get it at this point that they’ll be dealing an all star that if history holds to form will be next season’s NL or AL MVP. And so the Marlins are “demanding” that they at least receive one top 25 prospect from someone to avoid complete embarrassment. But since they haven’t received value yet from any of their firesale deals why start now. I fully expect to be underwhelmed.
  14. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    JT could easily have a Yelich type year in Houston. Get back Tucker and James as highlighters and Denbo should be on the line right now negotiating and wrapping this deal up. Will be rooting for the Stros to take back the AL.
  15. SixYearItch

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    A Yelich type return for JT is unacceptable. Without receiving one of the two Astros stud prospects or equivalent prospects from another team you hold him. Every prospect other than Toronto’s Guerrero should be made available. JT is that valuable.