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  1. SixYearItch

    2018 Winter Meetings

    Sources are saying even money both Machado and Harper go to the Yankees, who can easily afford both.
  2. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Rosario, Nimmo and Syndergaard from the Mets or no deal. Mets can scavenge some other team. Rather get plundered by the Dodgers.
  3. SixYearItch

    2018 Winter Meetings

    If they desire respectability Marlins need to be all over Tulo. Dude is a Jeter fanboy.
  4. SixYearItch

    Yadiel Rivera and Brett Graves outrighted

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! not Yadiel Rivera. Best clutch hit pinch hitter in baseball according to the Marlin TV broadcaster buffoons. Team can't continue to sustain these egregious self-inflicted wounds. Its with some good luck that they'll at least be able to fall back on the stable of sub-200 hitters still on the roster.
  5. SixYearItch

    2018 Winter Meetings

    Rafael Santana ?
  6. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    They get it at this point that they’ll be dealing an all star that if history holds to form will be next season’s NL or AL MVP. And so the Marlins are “demanding” that they at least receive one top 25 prospect from someone to avoid complete embarrassment. But since they haven’t received value yet from any of their firesale deals why start now. I fully expect to be underwhelmed.
  7. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    JT could easily have a Yelich type year in Houston. Get back Tucker and James as highlighters and Denbo should be on the line right now negotiating and wrapping this deal up. Will be rooting for the Stros to take back the AL.
  8. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    A Yelich type return for JT is unacceptable. Without receiving one of the two Astros stud prospects or equivalent prospects from another team you hold him. Every prospect other than Toronto’s Guerrero should be made available. JT is that valuable.
  9. SixYearItch

    This team is going to be laughingly bad next year

    I think the possibility is very realistic that the Marlins will be fielding the worst hitting lineup of all time. They most definitely will not be watchable. With the assets they traded away last year one would have expected the Marlins to have been much further along in their rebuild then they are. But the poor souls got ravaged. I just think the continuing damage caused by their malfeasance will be long felt. This team is many years away from remotely fielding a competitive team. If you're going to trade away the pieces the Marlins traded away you better hit on (at least some of) these deals big time. And our next trade could very well be of a 2019 MVP in waiting. For the forseeable future, I expect the theme and picture of this team to be of a franchise in smoldering ruins, a Pompeii on the MLB landscape. But at least we should be comfortable in the knowledge that Manfred and his ilk won't be bothered by that at all.
  10. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Marlins won't go 5/100 with JT. Not willing to pay market rate and not willing to commit to 5 years. For currently the best catcher in baseball. And invaluable for a young staff. But they'd rather take a spin on the roulette wheel, turning him into prospects. I can say WTF but for a team that has no plans on competing the next few years, no shock at all. The Marlin Experience, catch it.
  11. SixYearItch

    New Logo Coming

    When a team perpetually sucks as this one does, periodic logo and uniform changes are par for the course. Bring back Lomo so I can wear with pride my blazing orange Marlins Lomo tee shirt again.
  12. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Its not that I don't believe that Jeter and Hill are "trying" to build a championship team, its that I believe they've made no (or negligible) process toward that goal, despite having the head start of being able to deal away prime assets that should have yielded multiple building blocks. They traded away the best outfield in baseball and completely botched the return. I see zero building blocks. I fear and suspect they'll also botch it in the return they get for JT. No stars in the making, just a bunch of swing and miss prospects to stock the farm system. We'll see. Maybe VV is the start of something but they're going to have to stay aggressive in the international market and hit multiple HR's in the draft, much as the Astros and Cubs did. For this organization, that's a very tall order. And Valid is right. I've been a fan since 93 but I'm not inclined to sit around and wait, year after year watching the roulette wheel spin. I'm not getting any younger. While I certainly didn't like Loria, the current management team so far doesn't inspire much confidence either.
  13. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Jeter and Hill have said that they're building a championship team. What's the problem with JT? Doesn't he believe them? Why would he not want to be a key player on a championship team? Seems to me he and his agent have decided they'd rather take their chances in the real world.
  14. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Words. Drivel. Feel so much better that Jeter has a plan.
  15. SixYearItch

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Not surprised in the least. JT just saw what happened to Yelich. It would be super cool to see us trade 3 MVP's in a row. Probably never been done in the history of the game. Lets get it on.

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