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  1. I really like our starting rotation, but man, I miss Jose Fernandez so much, not just for his success as a pitcher, but his overall demeanor and attitude on and off the field and the positive influence he had on the rest of the team. well ... what can you do.
  2. agreed, but down 1 with 2 on, you have to know anything in the gap is a guaranteed win if bour isn't running.
  3. why the fuck would you not pinch run for bour?
  4. bro, he's in his home country and it's the offseason ... how is the MLB/MLBPA going to take preventive measures to avoid someone simply enjoying drinks with some family and friends? Shit happens. Players aren't invincible, they're humans at the end of the day, and make mistakes just like you and I.
  5. Don't forget to vote! https://secure.mlb.com/mlb/awards/y2016/mlb-awards/ Best Social Media Post: Stanton likes "Star Wars" Day Best Moment: Dee's Divine Upper Deck Homer Best Moment: Ichiro's historic hit chase Best Trending Topic: Stanton's far-out Derby
  6. dee gordon hits his first homer of the year, justin bour gets the first triple of his career, this game had it all, and Rich Waltz had the perfect call, honoring Fernandez in what was a mighty ceremony at marlins park, on a day so emotional, a moment so dark
  7. thank you for your kind words and support. This is a time when we can all come together, not just as baseball fans, but as human beings to mourn the loss of one amazing soul. You're a good person Fonzie, and I hope everyone across the nation has Jose and his family in their hearts.
  8. dealing with the death of a famous MLB star is a little different than the death of an average joe. I think informing the next of kin is secondary even though it shouldn't be. Or they informed both the next of kin and the Marlins, knowing how big of a news story this would be.
  9. that's a possibility, but I heard the address confirmation was just to ensure it was actually the Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, given how common the name is.
  10. appreciate the info Admin. still curious what the autopsy will reveal.
  11. god, i don't even want to imagine that scene. truly truly horrific.
  12. yeah that's what i was thinking too. If they find water in his lungs, that means he was still alive when he hit the water. If there's no water in the lungs, or dry drowning, that means the death occurred before he was submersed in water.
  13. my question is, how did he die? Did he die from the impact of the boat striking the jetty. Did he drown to death? Did he die after the boat capsized and flipped over and he was stuck underneath? Have any details emerged about this? Did they complete the autopsy?
  14. damn, from wikipedia ... talking about him in the past tense
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