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  1. Eduardo is absolutely terrific on espn 2. Much improved from when he was fish announcer
  2. If Brinson is on this team next year, then it’s not a serious team. De la Cruz should be the 4th OF
  3. I will say he’s at least not as bad as most broadcast booths during these playoffs. Eduardo Perez has become excellent though!
  4. Good move. Holly was always underprepared and not good at his job
  5. Is there any evidence to support marlins had more injuries than mlb average? Smells like a scapegoat to me!
  6. Athletic training staff fired lol
  7. Rox just have senteznela 5/50m. Sandy gonna be expensive
  8. How’s your asshole currently smelling m8?
  9. Picked off again lol. Pathetic stuff
  10. If guenther or Paul Campbell are still in this team next year I’m done watching
  11. Why though? Big time control issues and 1.5 pitches. I was big on Cabrera but very unimpressed this fae
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