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  1. Buxton has been good for quite a few abs now!
  2. Guessing his control issues and probably more about the other players doing good
  3. Obviously don will havd him Go through lineup a third time and he’ll get lit up
  4. This is probably as good as Braxton gets which is Totally fine
  5. Why doesn’t Braxton try going full rich hill? Like 70% curves?
  6. Is there like an mlb injury inspector or anything? How do they know they’re not doing that to open up roster spot?
  7. Considering twins return for Nelson fish should net something useful assuming (big assumption) they cover some salary
  8. Eh it’s too get him straight with a scheduled outting. I’m fine with it and probably smart
  9. Isan actually hitting ball well for once lol
  10. Can someone remind me what happens when they can’t sign Watson? Another pick next year?
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