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  1. 14 more ks. Isan and Devers still in the infield. Gonna be long season
  2. Might be time to start worrying about Jazz. K rate is 🤢
  3. Perfect ending. Swinging at ball 4 for the k. Very marlins
  4. Jazz k rate really really bad
  5. Lucky fir fish yesterday game was rained out with that stinky lineup
  6. Exactly right. Muts been winning lately too and they have more injuries than us
  7. Hopefully have a “bullpen day” coming up to right the ship 🤣
  8. The FO philosophy is getting these high ceiling high risk high K guys and this is what happens when they don’t work
  9. It’s the players he’s got?
  10. Must be nice to have a team that makes contact
  11. Where do they come from? They seem to be pretty generic rather than individualized for analytics
  12. Actually going to watch rest of eovaldi
  13. 1595 is record looking good to beat it
  14. Marlins struck out 500 times this year
  15. Still a fan of big Nate E. Good to see him healthy. lol isan
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