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  1. Marlins should sign a right handed power hitter with a 28% k rate this off season
  2. Hitting approach of this team is swing outside the zone and take inside the zone
  3. What happened to lucroy? No way he’s worse than whatever 400 ops Leon/wallach have
  4. You can’t compete with this situation at C
  5. I rue for the day cooper is not an every day player
  6. Rox are extremely stupid so it’s possible!
  7. No but will help with this bullpen game nonsense especially on the first home game after a long road trip
  8. 18 ks 1 for 14 RISP deserve the loss. End it Mut
  9. You can’t keep having Leon/Wallach play every day
  10. At least he made contact unlike Leon
  11. I’d say it’s this offense biting itself in the ass
  12. Man so good to hear Hutton in the booth. So much better than Todd
  13. Struck out 17 times tonight
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