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  1. Why is he still ahead of Cody in the lineup? I'll up you one. Why is he still in the lineup?
  2. what a game!!! uggla with a MEANINGFUL homer. i love ross
  3. nice job lindstrom! always dramatic. welcome back good catch jerms
  4. wouldnt be a lindy outing without someone on base
  5. hmmmmm.....Lindys fastball tops at 95 mph???? he's thrown 3 good curveballs so far though
  6. If Wally Bell doesn't calls that ball four on Fult a strike we might be 0-0. we would be 0-0!!! that call was such garbage
  7. Umpires are human. missing strikes right down the middle though?
  8. omg that was strike 3....unbelieveable
  9. ...So, even if he is having a rough patch, he is the Marlin's best option and this is definitely not a Mike Lowell 2005 moment in his career. I didn't bother to quote the whole thing here but I enjoyed your analysis. I saw it in more direct, simpler terms, players sometimes have off years...but your illustration was excellent. why is he still hitting in the 5 hole? drop him down in the lineup and take some pressure off him. maybe put cody in the 5 hole "yes i know hes slumping" but hey maybe drop uggla down to 6 or 7 and take some pressure off of him and see how he does. like the cubs did with soriano I see it differently although who knows what the right place is for him to hit. Were it me, and it isn't thankfully I suppose, I would consider batting him higher, in fact immediately behind Hanley, reuniting them in the lineup. I have this kind of fuzzy belief that part of Dan's thing is as he's moved down the lineup (and away from his soulmate Ramirez - he's never seemed as happy as 2006 and 2007 when they where inseparable) it has manifested in him questions of self-worth that I suspected started at least professionally in the Diamondback's organization where no matter what he did he could not get noticed or be taken seriously. Moving him back to cleanup might be the tonic he needs to get his bat going again, the operative word being "might". A hunch, a suspicion, seeing interviews and them at season ticketholder affairs, they appear to have grown apart, and while David Samson (not a shot at him) can gloss over not offering him an extended contract by reminding the media he's making $5 mil+ this season, for Dan it's not the same. I think the last best chance for Dan this season is to put him in a traditional position of value, cleanup and see what happens. The worst that happens is I'm wrong and he moves down again, but Johnson, Ramirez, Uggla, Cantu looks pretty good to me and I'd give it a try. Frankly I think Dan thrives on the pressure. It's just not the same no matter how many people tell you how many times that it is. if dan thrives on pressure, why does he consistently fail in pressure situations?
  10. uggla is actually getting worse. In July in 87 abs , he had a .726 OPS, .379 slg, 26 K's, 12 walks and only 8 rbi's. Terrible dan, terrible He had a bad July, but it was definitely better than Bonifacio's pitiful month which saw him OPS at a .584 clip and Coghlan's subpar month that saw him post an OPS of .662. We'll see how the rest of the season goes, but I'd wager that Uggla will finish the year stronger than Coghlan or Bonifacio. i would take the wager on coghlan!
  11. uggla is actually getting worse. In July in 87 abs , he had a .726 OPS, .379 slg, 26 K's, 12 walks, .214 RISP and only 8 rbi's. He also struck out 8 times in 31 RISP at bats. Terrible dan, terrible
  12. Keep him IMO. I don't know his exact numbers but aren't his k's down from last year and his walks up. Along with his line drive percent the same as 08 ? He has had some tough luck. As for his average with risp I'm pretty sure it sucks. Last year he was pretty clutch in big situation. I do know that I don't want boni in the every day line up though. I say bench uggla for a few games. he's worthless when it counts. he's hitting like .202 with RISP. ugh he made me so mad tonight!!!
  13. We're in the race despite below average production from our corner outfielders, terrible production from 3B, and a 2B who only produces in irrelevant situations. And we've had one consistent starting pitcher all year. We should consider ourselves lucky that this team is only 3 games out of a wildcard berth, really. Anyways, the Marlins gave this one away. The Baker error cost us a run...no one is mentioning that play, but it hurts more now. Cantu made Bonifacio look like Brooks Robinson at 3B. There's no excuse for such horrendus throws. I can understand a bad throw, but his first error of the night...that's gotta be the worst throw from a 3B on a routine play that I have ever seen. Fredi once again is clueless. Pinto is now unavailable tomorrow, for no reason. Down by 1 in the 9th sounds like a perfect situation to "ease Matt Lindstrom back into the closers role," considering that's what he wants to do. So why not do it? Instead you use Pinto for a 2nd inning when Pinto has thrown 2 innings...how many times this year? I don't get it. Great job by the pen tonight. It's a shame they get a loss b/c of one bad pitch by Leo Nunez (who, btw, needs to grow up. Why the f*** did he stay looking at Koyie Hill? Maybe he wouldn't have bumped you, if you wouldn't have shown him up last night after K'ing him to end the game, retard...next time show some class, and that won't happen). Overall, the pen went 8.2 innings, allowing 1 ER. They kept us in it. And props to the Marlins for battling back...at least they didn't go down without a fight. Take the series tomorrow. yes yes and yes
  14. I blame Badenhop and Pinto. i blame uggla and cantu and mainly ugglas horrid at bat in the 8th. they combined to go 0-8 and were dreadful when it mattered
  15. i am really really ticked at dan uggla. This guy is utterly worthless when anything matters. .202 avg with RISP this year and his bases loaded at bat was unacceptable
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