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  1. and just think 100 years from now all these players would be dead so it's good they traded them before that
  2. im crying over one of the worst trades in franchise history that was obviously terrible at the time as well
  3. I posted only stats. you're the one crying, cryperson
  4. are beer prices more reasonable? I should be in so fla in june gonna hit up some games
  5. he's been a new man since he fell off that wall
  6. Yelich and Ozuna = 16 HR; Marlins = 17 HR Yelich and Ozuna = 41 RBI; Marlins =47 RBI Yelich and Ozuna = 30 R; Marlins = 48 Runs Heh.
  7. there's quite a few videos of @Michael possubly using..
  8. Prior to a game as a member of the Marlins, Bret Barberie was cooking a meal and accidentally rubbed his eye after cooking with chili peppers. The result left him out of the lineup for the day, as his eyes burned, and he ripped his contact.
  9. like dumb stupid. I'm going to say... nate bump
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