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  1. i mean after looking at it they basically had identical 21 year seasons in the minors
  2. yeah but he's only 21 and k rate in minors much better than brinson's
  3. Before the season I said Robles was NOT enough for JT which is all the marlins were asking for
  4. if anything JTs value is heightened after these playoffs. Jays don't need a C which is more a reason they dont get vlad than JTs value. 5 WAR catchers dont grow on trees especially now
  5. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    i would completely and utterly wear one of those
  6. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    put an ugly teal M behind it now
  7. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    holy shit it rules
  8. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    can someone put a picture of the HR sculpture on a hat that's what I want
  9. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    is that a hideous on purpose one? if so i like it
  10. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    looks like pure shit
  11. leading C in WAR by a mile (1.2 more than Grandal) I'd want Vlad Jr +
  12. pollythewog

    New Logo Coming

    both these are siq are these the ones tks dad

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