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  1. I agree. I feel like they are trying to drum up more excitement, but I worry it may hurt the team.
  2. I usually find announcers to be so annoying anyways! Tommy was obviously an exception...so if he's gone, I guess a lot of games will be on mute for me!
  3. you and wildcard both! Thank you, Admin for having my husband glued to the toilet way longer than it could possibly take any human to drop the kiddies at the pool.
  4. I hate this entire topic. Hutton, the hypothesis of Loria's evil doings...... MEH
  5. I couldn't agree more! To be honest, the entire show is getting a little out of hand and ridiculous. Although, the entire time I've felt this way but now Wild Card and I are way to invested in it to just stop watching! One thing that always drove me nuts is why way back in the prison they didn't spend time growing crops and what not? It's just all absurd. Too many loopholes...
  6. Reading this, I thought you said "Bronze Butt award" LOL! Very happy for Dee!
  7. wild blue

    Mike Maddux?

    I had no idea we were still paying Ozzie... any idea how much?
  8. Those are two of my favorite shows!
  9. You couldn't have said it any better! I am just annoyed by them. While I was joking about them being "the biggest issue", I do wish we could have something more like the Mermaids again. I understand they are going for the modern feel, but they're no bueno in my opinion.
  10. The biggest issue: The energy team
  11. Walked right into that one! SMH... lol
  12. basic b**** hahahahahaha! But seriously, it's in his nature to never let anything go. No hard feelings I'm sure!
  13. God, am I glad to see he doesn't drop things on here too. At home, he is just as argumentative, right and wrong. While his argument is 100% correct (I'm a geek and got a perfect 800 on my writing SAT way back when), he shouldn't be being correct on here because it should not have been brought up. Let's get back to Magadan! And Admin, I apologize for him!
  14. They'd be psycho to mess with a good thing...
  15. [ATTACH]492._xfImport[/ATTACH]Meh! But I got his bobble head at the Sunday game in the beginning of the month! lol
  16. EEEEK! Final Homestand...... finally.
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