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  1. Haven't seen anything - thanks for posting any known TV schedule for Marlins spring training games.
  2. If Miggy were still here, he would: 1- Be making $25MM a year 2- Be pushing 300 lbs 3- Be hitting maybe .280 4- Be a part time 1B, and 5- Be untradeable Cancer is often fatal. LB did what he had to do, and Maybin & LHP just didn't pan out. Such is life.
  3. Tommy was really pi$$ed at GS for that base running gaff. Slide my boy! It's funny how THut gets real quiet when he's upset - maybe they turn off his mike?
  4. Kinda Dontrelle-esque, in that he could blow out at any time. Dontrelle had too many people tinkering with his delivery along with anxiety issues. Completely different than Cishek. Sell high - see Harvey, Bryan (fail) and Mantei, Matt (success).
  5. The only thing about Cishek is that funky sidearm slinger delivery - Kinda Dontrelle-esque, in that he could blow out at any time. I say they move him if the deal is right. Has he passed waivers yet?
  6. I give the city and county much more credit in getting the stadium done than Loria, considering the teams actual contribution to the stadium isnt very high. And really, Loria had too much of a hand in the design of the stadium, because if he does hopefully sell the new owner probably isnt going to like many of the design asthetics(the home run scultpure, first and foremost, and much of the color patters of the park). I think Loria deserves most of the credit. He went though the process a couple of times. He didn't quit like previous owners. The artwork is hit or miss for people. Im not
  7. So I'm walking up to the gate last night, and some lady wearing a Marlins employee shirt tells me JF is signing in the outside Team Store. I walk in and, sure enough, there he is. Signed a photocard for me & my date (no line at all), and was just leaving - I wanted to buy a ball for sig but they were late to get him into the pre-game stuff and he couldn't wait. JF was pretty quiet - I told him his first outing in NY was really good (like he didn't know that), and wished him well on his start tonight. Let's get him a win tonight vs. PHI.
  8. Parking is $20 + svc fee for Opening Day and all weekends. Just sayin'.............
  9. Using the word "ain't" in this context is ceratinly impressive - This letter won't win back anyone - they'll be lucky to draw 25K for the opener -
  10. I attended G1 & G2. I had rights to G6 or G7. Flipped a coin with my bud and won - of course, I chose to attend G6 - K Brown was gonna close it out in JRS. . Thus, I watched the chicken run at midnight from my cozy home - still wish I'd been there!
  11. On the whole, we are better at picking the unknowns rather than losing them. Uggla Ruggiano Boni Joe Nelson Amezaga Justin Miller Chad Fox Andy Fox Mordecai Few stars, but all serviceable ML players at one time or another.
  12. The evangelist Joel Osteen is coming next year to Marlins Park. The ad says STH got a password to enter to buy tickets. If any of you STH are not going, but would be willing to share your password with me, please send it via PM or email. Thanks a lot.
  13. But, HC, I'm sure you would agree that Miggy was on a bad path when he left here. Overweight Self-absorbed Uncooperative "You soy un cabellero!" shouted at teammates as he frolicked naked around the locker room No, I'm convinced he never would have come close to a triple crown here after the above characteristics set in and got worse.
  14. Obviously, Miggy was/is a rare talent. But, keep in mind that a player's success is dictated by not only his personal ability, but also the environment around him. That includes mature leaders (both players and coaches) who can help channel that ability into results. Unfortunately, our Marlins have not grown that type of atmosphere here, and it hurts when good/great performers leave to succeed elsewhere.
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