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  1. They call Brock Lesnar the Beast, but now they have made him really look like one. All this speculation about keeping him as champ until Reigns at the next Mania. Will Reigns be ready in that time? If it did go that way... wow, what a rub. Beating Lesnar who beat the Taker streak and squashed Super-Cena and was then champ for 7 months. The only scary thought is that Cena-Lesnar happens again at Night of Champions, but Cena "never gives up" and overcomes adversity to regain the title. That... would not be good.
  2. It was god damn glorious. I enjoyed the PPV as a whole, really solid matches through the entire card. Ambrose-Rollins was probably my favorite after the main event, they actually made a Lumberjack match entertaining.
  3. So is Lesnar winning tonight? Fuck yeah.
  4. I've recently started watching wrestling again and I'm currently going on a binge watching classic matches. Besides obvious 5 star matches like TLC 1-2, HBK vs Taker, Angle vs Benoit, etc. Anyone have any good matches they recommend checking out? My favorite match of the last few years was Punk vs. Lesnar from Summerslam 2013. Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog from Summerslam 92 is an "obvious 5 star match", but they had another one in December 1995 at In Your House 5. That one goes more under the radar with a heel Bulldog. Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind from In Your House 10.
  5. I hate all of you. Every single one of you. I hope all of you have a rotten day. And, IDK, maybe one of you breaks your arm or something. f***ery!
  6. Nope, but I feel I should say more... How about form is temporary, but class is permanent? That'll do.
  7. I feel like there needs to be a tits notification e-mail option on this site. Think of the less active users who would otherwise miss out on seeing Wild Card's tits.
  8. I'm not mad, I'm indifferent and amused.
  9. If you are not fed up by now, you are not watching. I can confirm this.
  10. I've only just got home and all I can say is... Wow, I am just... wow.... I can't believe it... it's incredible... Polly has finally got an avatar! Ozuna did okay too.
  11. Wait I thought Kolek was starting today. As if he'd be the ace of that starting rotation. Pfft!
  12. Holland-Australia and Spain-Chile were good matches today. Not sad to see Spain eliminated.
  13. Red is a supersHitious manager. Attempted to fix, but defeated by the forum censor. Humbled.
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