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  1. Well, let's see. He'll pitch Sunday, May 4th, cause that's the 5th day. May 9th, then May 14th, yep, you're good! May the fourth be with you.
  2. Guys, I'm an English teacher so math isn't my thing. I'm going to watch the Marlins at Dodger Stadium on May 12, 13, and 14. Based on quick in-my-head projections, Jose should be pitching on the 14th, as long as the team keeps the standard five man rotation, right? Oui.
  3. I do enjoy seeing a very impressive monsterdong.
  4. Missed the first hour, but nice to see some Jose.
  5. Taker apparently suffered a concussion and the feeling backstage is that he is done. We'll have to wait and see. He wanted to work with Lesnar back in 2010 and was willing to lose then. It is his streak and if he wanted to lose then... so be it. If he wanted it to be Lesnar then so be it. Like I said... this could all just be as simple as Taker deciding he's done in the last month or so and that it just happened to be the year of fighting Lesnar. Here's another thing though, Jim Ross predicts that Lesnar will go into Mania 31 as the WWE champion. Remember that rumor of Rock-Brock for Mania? What if that now happens at Mania 31? Sure, we saw them fight many years ago at Summerslam, but they're both much bigger stars now. Lesnar doesn't need the title, but now he has the tag of "streak killer" to his name. I'd enjoy seeing Rock-Brock to be honest, I don't see any other Mania match for either of them that I'd want to watch.
  6. I wasn't going to include this because I didn't want someone to get spoilers, but as its been mentioned already... Taker is old school, he offered Randy Orton the chance to beat the streak years ago. The whole thing was way overblown and the two HBK matches were the peak of it all. After that... he shouldn't have fought Triple H twice, he should've ended it then. The thing is... what is after the streak? He's only been doing Mania for years now so what's the point? People always debate who is deserving of beating the streak, but why does it matter? Lesnar may have been in the right place at the right time. It's not that he's the one who deserves it, its just that Taker may want to retire and, as an old school guy, he was going to go out on his back. So why not Lesnar? It just happens that Lesnar is the guy in the year that Taker wanted to go. Or... he's going to fight Sting at Mania 31, but they wanted to make it about something else. Its not about the stupid streak, but about two veteran guys who have never fought before in their last ever matches. I'm way more into that match then the streak being part of it. Sting will have one WWE match, just one and maybe Taker wants to put Sting over. Remove the streak, put the heat on someone like Lesnar (who doesn't give a s*** what people think of him) and free Sting for that win. Lesnar will now be known as the guy who beat the streak and he's still under WWE contract. He can put someone like Bryan over at Summerslam with this under his belt. The whole thing is just brilliant. We want things like this anyway, we want to be surprised, we want to not see things coming. Brilliant.
  7. It was brilliant. You don't need clusterfuck Vince Russo booking to not know whats coming, it can be as simple as that. Brilliant.
  8. Man, these Padres announcers are really showing the Marlins some love.
  9. 11-1 win. Even in Spring Training... fuck the Mets.
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