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    If you have to make a fake meat burger with beet juice blood to get people to eat your garbage, you've already lost.
  2. Entendu


    Lechón 🙂
  3. I'd be ok with .500 ball or something close to it. They're on pace to lose 94 games. Is 13 extra wins a big stride considering all the injuries? I don't think so.
  4. Entendu


    I only like turkey in deli form. We don't even have it for Thanksgiving.
  5. I'm not sure how much signing Werth early mattered. You change an FA's perception by throwing money at them, and you change the media/other teams' by winning games. Maybe it gives your team an internal pick-me-up and a sign that you're willing to get them players, but any boost from that seems marginal at best. Good players will win regardless of how they feel.
  6. I don't know why Jeter is to blame for any of this. I also don't know why we're blaming anyone. The team is being built. It is not built yet. 2020 was not a full season and you can't compare it to any other season. Making the playoffs in 2020 meant little for our expectations over a full season. The more games you play, the higher the chances that slumps/hot streaks will even out and you have the true "best teams". The 2020 team likely doesn't make the playoffs over 162 games and that's ok. You have to give these guys a chance. They are continuosly drafting well and developing players. It's dumb to make a splash when it's not your final piece. We don't even know what that piece will be, although I suspect it will be a 2B or C
  7. I actually like what Kim Ng's done.
  8. I'm getting tired of BA. Not "trade him now" tired, but definitely "don't extend him" tired.
  9. Entendu


    Relievers are inconsistent. You can't count on one to be good any given year.
  10. Fuck Buster Posey
  11. Idc. It's not about the quantity of the money. It's the quality of the money. Watson's money is badass.
  12. Man, I'm getting old.. There's so much shit i want to respond to here. Five years ago, I'd be going around in circles with people about all of this and now all I can muster up is a sentence or two. What happened to me? I used to be cool...
  13. Except, you know, follow a basic principle of justice in most first world countries...
  14. To be fair the Marlins have had a lot of those. Donovan Solano Andrew Miller Brad Hand Cameron Maybin and I'm probably forgetting more. That's just off the top of my head
  15. Imagine if Lewis Brinson's success right now is for real.....
  16. This is why you are constantly disappointed.
  17. If he continues to hit like this, he will be a starter.
  18. I hope Brinson figured it out. It would be great to have a hometown guy play a key role on this team.
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