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  1. Entendu

    Where to sit?

    Even if you have a car, I would Uber. You're going to have to pay for parking, and you're going to have to deal with a lot of Miami traffic in a pretty bad area of town. If you're on vacation, save yourself that headache.
  2. Entendu

    Dimelo, Miami

    I voted solid just in case. I'd like maybe two different hats. The two-toned one could be part of some alternative uniform they use on Sundays or something.
  3. Entendu

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    I don't know if Marlins Man practices corporate law in his firm, or works in M&A law or anything of that nature. But if he is, he most definitely has done something like what he's criticizing the Marlins for multiple times...
  4. Entendu

    Where to sit?

    I disagree about there being no bad seats. Any seat where you can't see the large Jumbotron is terrible. The small display that hangs over left field really sucks.
  5. Entendu

    Who is Cooper Garrett?

    To be fair, I've hardly even heard of Garrett Cooper
  6. Entendu

    Brinson being benched in NY

  7. I still can't believe that Brinson hasn't been sent down. It seems like a no-brainer to me. You can call up literally anybody who plays OF to take his place and it will be entirely justified.
  8. I would think Anderson is part of our next core
  9. Entendu

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    Attention whores.
  10. Entendu

    Small sample size but...

    Either Clark Spencer is an idiot, or he knows that what he's posting is misleading but just doesn't care.
  11. Entendu

    Dimelo, Miami

  12. Entendu


  13. Entendu

    4-11-2018 Post Game

    #1 overall pick
  14. Entendu

    low attendance

    People want a team that wins. Who cares who owns it?
  15. Entendu

    low attendance

    This is going to be brutal once we start playing the Pirates, Padres, etc.