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  1. I'd be very pleased if they did this. It'd probably restore some faith. This would be a huge shift.
  2. Jeter hates HR sculpture and it may be going

    How this this even a big deal? It's a stupid statue. I hate the media.
  3. Jeter hates HR sculpture and it may be going

    If they do change the uniforms, I hope they go with the old Miami Marlins minor league uniforms as a starting point. It's a very traditional logo.
  4. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    I think they'll eventually get the gross overpay they've been looking for.
  5. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    Teams should start to publicly ask bad players to waive their contracts. I mean, that's not fair for the team. The situation under which the contract was signed has obviously changed.
  6. Jeter hates HR sculpture and it may be going

    I don't give a shit about the sculpture one way or another. On a related note, I wonder if they're going to change the uniforms. Obviously that wouldn't be made public as easily as the sculpture.
  7. Scott Van Slyke signed to minor-league deal

    Does this gringo even know one Latin song? Useless signing that doesn't go with Jeter's plan at all.
  8. Marlins sign Jumbo Diaz

    I love this guy's name
  9. Marlins add Bradley Woodrum to analytics team

    I hope this guy starts posting/viewing these forums, even if he doesn't reveal himself. Seems like he's got a good internet presence. Save us, Bradley.
  10. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    I think he meant to quote Fish.
  11. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    To be fair, this team has a history of fire sales.
  12. Part V: How Project Wolverine Can Work

    I never understood this about Americans. Some fight so hard to let everyone know they're not racist, then they do condescending shit like assume certain groups are impressionable enough to do something for you because you gave them a slight nod. All this tells me is that Derek Jeter thinks Hispanics are dumb. Nobody needs anyone to make them feel welcomed or special like they're children; people just want to be respected.
  13. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    If a report came out that basically said what Six said in his post, it would not surprise me at all given how this offseason has gone.
  14. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    If they are 'holding out' for one top 100 prospect, I'd rather not trade Yelich. That's a fucking insult. Yelich merits one top 25 prospect to get the conversation started. This has to be because everyone knows Mike Hill is retarded. There's no way fucking Shelby Miller brought back such a haul, and we're 'holding out' for one top prospect in exchange for a great young OF on one of the most team-friendly contracts in baseball.