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  1. Entendu

    Can Miami MLS play in Marlins Park permanently?

    My parents live in front of a school and they had an issue with people blocking the driveway when they picked up their kids from school. One day my dad flipped out and wrote DO NOT PARK HERE on a car's windshield with lipstick and confronted the person when she walked out. I sympathize with anyone who has to deal with people that don't respect private property in this banana republic
  2. Entendu

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

    Nah, this fanbase still sucks
  3. Entendu

    Manfred, The Commish

    Terrible commissioner. I feel like if someone told him he'd get more fans if hitters used maracas instead of bats, this guy would consider it. He's probably pissed at Trout because Trout isn't willing to be a tool in his quest to increase attendance. Trout just wants to play baseball. If Manfred wants to use Trout to promote baseball, then MLB should give Trout a contract that requires him to promote baseball. I would guess that there's nothing in his current playing contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that requires him to do Manfred's job.
  4. Entendu

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

    What a joke. Second struggling starter we failed to convert to a reliever. I bet we get shit for Bearclaw, if we trade him at all
  5. Entendu

    Can Miami MLS play in Marlins Park permanently?

    I would've flipped the fuck out
  6. Entendu

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    That's good news for those that think we should keep him. He definitely sounds open to it, at least.
  7. Entendu

    In game audio

    Nah that's because the stadium is empty
  8. Entendu

    In game audio

    I once saw a car on fire across the street from the ballpark after a game. Now THAT is entertainment.
  9. You guys are just deluding yourselves. What's the point of this thread? To say 'wow! They have really come together! This team is going to be good in a few years' when all of this really means nothing. All of our failed rebuilds have had stories like this.
  10. Entendu


    No. He's, again, screwing us. He needs to be terrible if we're going to get the #1 overall pick. But again, he fails at what he needs to do.
  11. Entendu

    Elieser Hernandez

  12. Entendu

    Elieser Hernandez

  13. Entendu

    2020 or 2022

    I resent the fact that if I were to see her on the street I would recognize her because of how many pictures that guy posted

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