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  1. Kevin Gregg is the dude with the cool glasses right?
  2. What's up with these two teams? They are behaving like children. http://m.mlb.com/video/v33317337/must-c-confrontation-tempers-flare-at-fenway-park These two teams will face each other 12 more times this season.
  3. Fernandez roughed up. It's bound to happen from time to time, but you'd hope your team can at least score some runs to help you along. More important is how the fish and Fernandez bounce back.
  4. the white Jorge Julio Oh God! That name brings nightmares!
  5. I celebrated after the game a bit, but couldn't go too over the top because I was worried Puig had seriously hurt himself. Nice to see it doesn't look all too serious. Couldn't tell from the telecast, but it didn't sound like the fans cheered on Puig when he started walking towards the dugout. What was it like in person?
  6. It's over. Atlanta loses again! I can't believe the Giants stooped so low as to steal the Braves signs.
  7. Rough landing for Puig! Hope he's alright.
  8. Who is the freaking guy who keeps whistling? It sounds horrible on TV. Giving me a headache.
  9. Ridiculous game! The outfielders got a day off.
  10. Whichever team loses did a huge disservice to their pitcher. Both Wood and Jose have had an amazing night.
  11. Jesus Christ, this kid is unstoppable.
  12. Regarding Redmond's decision to bunt, can someone explain it to me? I didn't see the game so I don't know the game was flowing, but if even Tommy was confused there must be some sort of reason Redmond wanted to make the play. Why did he want 1st base open? And if that's what he wanted, why bunt towards third? Maybe he wanted to surprise the defense? Someone please enlighten me. Edit: From Marlins.com: "I was trying to get a couple of guys in scoring position," Redmond said. "The way we've been going, if he swings, he might ground into a double play. I wanted to get guys in scoring position. "I still take my chances with the bases loaded and one out, and our four-hole hitter at the plate, if they walk [stanton]."
  13. Tough loss. Like Tommy said during the telecast, this would have been a great game for the team to rebound and get some confidence back. Alas...
  14. Alright, dumb question... How does it work? When I got to the website on the original post it just takes me to the forums.
  15. All u can eat is fine if ur surely gonna over eat... But like someone said it's not like ur getting unlimited Cuban sandwiches or any of the other good stuff. This is true, but you do get unlimited water which is nice. Anyway, I think I'm going to go for a better view of the game. Thanks for the input
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