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  1. We are going to mess around and win this freak 2020 season.
  2. Jesus kind of resembles Bobby Bonilla
  3. Love that white jersey you created with the blue number on front. So fresh. The blue one is an improvement as well.
  4. Why is the baseball black in that logo? Looks odd.
  5. The new primary logo on the right looks good...not a fan of the hat logo on the left (I think because it's just too dark.) The white jersey looks ok, though if the number on back was blue it'd have more 'pop'. Black looks like a low budget ripoff of the Mets: Blue looks like a beer-league softball jersey: Overall, not really an improvement over this (except for the logo). Should have just gone back to this gem:
  6. The sleeve patch on the white jersey is the best thing about the rebrand. The blue alternate jersey looks like a fan bought a logo patch online and ironed it on the chest of their old kickball jersey.
  7. These are an improvement over what we had last year, but no where close to being as good as our original teal, silver and black look. What I dislike most is how the script MARLINS doesn't connect. That looks horrible.
  8. I'm liking the primary logo much better than the hat logo.
  9. Something to help with the wait... [ATTACH]2408._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  10. What is the point of not giving a time for the reveal?
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