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  1. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    A return to the old logo and colors (With an M instead of F) would be glorious. Also, paint over all the lime green in the ballpark.
  2. I'd give my left pinky to make this happen.
  3. Damn, got busy with a few patients, come back and it looks like Phelps has blown the lead. I is sad.
  4. At work and no way to watch the game. How're we looking so far?
  5. Marlins Tweak Primary Logo for 2017

    Still a terrible logo IMO. Saddens me that I have zero desire to buy Marlins apparel.
  6. Forbes: Handshake Deal in Place for $1.6 Billion

    $1.6Billion? If that's the real price, Loria should have to give half of it to the people he fleeced for the stadium. I surely hope this is true. Would make this season a success no matter what happens on the field. Bring back the old Logo!!!
  7. Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

    I literally cannot even function right now. He was my favorite player. Such a joy to watch. This is a tragic day.
  8. 2016 Stanton Smash Derby

    Hopefully there will be a home run derby reverse slump in the second half.
  9. April 7th Post Game Thread. We Won!

    Here. We. Go.
  10. Jose Fernandez Rumor

    I understand the logic. I just hate that we are always in the position that we can never keep our otherworldly talents, especially when they are awesome for the clubhouse like Jose and a joy to watch play baseball. It's a blessing to have him wear the uniform of my favorite team.
  11. Jose Fernandez Rumor

    It's so hard to be a fan of this team when crap like this keeps happening. I'll never give up my Fandom, but dammit, DON'T TRADE JOSE!
  12. Marlins hire Mattingly

    For it
  13. We should change our team name to the Merry Go Rounds.