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  1. I think a team desperate to compete prior to a major sell off would. The A’s are going to lose a good amount of their pieces this year with guys getting expensive in arbitration...Olson, Chapman, Laureano, etc. This core likely won’t be around next year, and they desperately needed an OF piece to give them a chance. Also consider, outside of Gallo, impactful OF bats were few and far between. We now know the Rangers wanted a haul of prospects for Gallo. That paired with Gallo galloping around that spacious OF paint a good picture as to why they ponied up for Marte. Not to mention that fact that he costs them $0 this year with Miami paying the remainder of his salary One last point, Oakland traded for Elvis Andrus this offseason instead of resigning Marcus Semien. Yes, Oakland is a smart team and is pretty protective of their prospects. But no team is perfect, especially not desperate ones
  2. I don’t think you brush off his struggles, but context paints a much more optimistic picture than baseball reference. For starter, Luzardo has already had success at the big league level, not to mention in the playoffs at an extremely young age. Brinson had not prior to being sent to Miami. As I mentioned earlier, Luzardo was brought up to the show extremely early. Had he pitched in AAA his age 22 and 23 seasons (like most big prospects) he would’ve absolutely dominated that league and probably positioned himself as a top 5 prospect in baseball. The industry became infatuated with Edward Cabrera after dominating A+ and AA ball at age 21. Luzardo was dominating AAA and had a successful cup of coffee in the show at that age. Instead, Oak challenged (or rushed) him, and he responded quite well. This year has been rough for him, no doubt. But it’s also a total of about 60 IP at age 23 for a guy who wasn’t allowed proper time to develop. We basically just got an elite level pitching prospect who we’ve been able to see pitch in the majors some. All for 2 months of Marte. And the best part? We aren’t reliant on him developing into an ace. If he develops into a 2/3? Awesome. If not, totally fine. We have enough depth to fill in the spots. Even his worst case is a really intriguing reliever option
  3. I can almost guarantee you they aren’t looking at him as the CF of the future lol. We really have to start giving them more credit than this.
  4. Fun fact, Luzardo is only 6 months older than Eddy Cabrera. He’s the example for why not to rush guys to the big leagues, but also why not to give up on them when they struggle. People that point to his struggles this year also forget what he would’ve been doing to AA batters last year. Guy would’ve been one of the top prospects in baseball if he followed that trajectory
  5. I know this was meant to be a joke, but it’s absolutely accurate. I can already see the feature.... “Marlins get two intriguing youngsters and the A’s will pay the remainder of Marte’s contract”
  6. Not necessarily as the new CF would presumably have more team control (and team friendly contract) in addition to being younger.
  7. Excellent return for 2 months of Marte. Now the big decision; what impact bat are they able to get with the pitching surplus. They’ve done an A+ job acquiring the talent, who they acquire with it will determine our next 2-3 years
  8. I actually think Tuck would be a really nice addition if we aren’t able to make a move for Bart, etc. Veteran who plays great defense and calls a great game. Would really help the young staff, and contribute more offensively than Leon. Could be Cervelli-esque
  9. Here’s a list of FA CF for this offseason - Marte - JBJ - Kevin Pillar Thats about it. Which is why Marte should have value even as a rental, and why Miami is exploring trading for a controllable CF’er. To compare, here’s a list of FA C - Tucker Barnhart - Yadi - Christian Vazquez - d’Arnaud Still not great, but there’s 3/4 starter level players there.
  10. To answer your first question, no. We don’t really have that many CF prospects. Decent amount of interesting corner OF prospects; Jesus Sanchez, Bleday, Conine, Burdick, etc., but no true CF guy on the way. Burdick has been playing some CF, but he’s not exactly tearing up AA and shouldn’t be counted on next year. Neither should Monte, Connor Scott, VV Mesa, etc. CF is just as much of a need as C, if not more given the expectations of the position
  11. Not worried about losing out on a couple of later draft picks in order to sign the big 3. Get Watson, Mack and Morisette done and then figure out the rest from there
  12. I think the 2nd will follow the 1st based on the past 2 years
  13. If you’re not worried, you’re being too optimistic. Watch Bleday this year and you’ll see a swing drastically different than what you saw at Vandy, and even in ST. They took a premium college prospect and started tinkering with his swing. It clearly isn’t working, the average is down the power is down. Just bad in general. Whoever is responsible for developing our hitters at the lower levels needs to be evaluated immediately
  14. Give me Ramos from the Giants or Korey Lee from the Astros and I’m good. Would be willing to include any reliever not named Bender in the deal to get the premium prospect.
  15. I can’t blame them for not wanting to go 4 years. Frankly, I also would be hesitant on 3 years given his age. The best offer I would give is: 3 years 42million* YR 1: 18 million GTD YR 2: 14 million GTD YR 3: Team Option: 10 million
  16. To your point, knowing you’re not resigning Marte and NOT trading him is the worst possible outcome. Be upset if you wanted them to keep him at all costs, but don’t limit the future so you can have 70 useless games of him here
  17. You bring up a good point with the timeliness of the offense. Often times, this discussion gets pushed into the “luck” category and overall random nature of baseball. Obviously there’s a portion of “clutch” hitting thats random and chance/luck certainly plays a role. It also can be controlled to an extent by constructing your offense in a way where hitters with advanced approaches and overall hit tools are getting more ABs in those clutch situations By the nature of a typical lineup, your 5-7 hitters are going to get a lot of these ABs. Our current group of 5-7 hitters have been a mix of AAA guys and high K, somewhat decent big leaguers. When this is the case, your relying on 1–4 to hit a HR, or string together 2-3 hits in a row to score even a run or two. IMO, the focus this offseason needs to be complimenting this pitching staff with an offense that is much different that the current organizational philosophy. In addition to simply needing better hitters, this offense desperately needs more guys with better hit tools that can grind out at bats in the middle to bottom of the order and at least give you a chance with RISP and less than 2 outs. You score 4 runs a game with this staff, and you’re going to win a lot of games. We have to find a guy or two that has can grind out those tough AB’s rather than chase every slider down and away AB after AB, year after year (Alfaro).
  18. 1A) High Leverage Bullpen - this team is built to win with pitching. It’s very hard to do that with a poor bullpen. Find a couple high leverage arms that can follow our SP and we’re going to be competitive every game 1B) Catcher - Similar to the above, Alfaro simply doesn’t fit with Miami. If we’re going to win with pitching and scraping together runs, Alfaro isn’t the choice for us. His pitch calling and defense, outside of the few flash plays, just doesn’t gel with what this club needs from the position. Not enough production offensively to outweigh his deficiencies. Find a way to get Keibert Ruiz On another note, I understand why most seem willing to part with Aguilar. Lewin needs ABs, and he has some trade value. However, with the DH likely coming in 2022, I would actually keep Agi and look to move Cooper. We know there were teams calling this offseason, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t net a respectable return. Here are the assets I would be looking to move at the end of the month: - Yimi - Detweiler - Bleier - Cooper - Duvall - Zach Thompson
  19. I’m still high on Jesus, but if you watch his games you can tell he’s just not fully ready yet. For whatever reason, he still doesn’t make a ton of solid contact relative to what he should. Too many choppers or bloopers on hanging breaking balls. Sure they might get down for knocks in AAA, but at the big league level you have to do damage with those mistakes. Actually think the FO is being smart with him letting him develop and not overreacting to one of our hitting prospects finally having a hot streak.
  20. I’ve said since day 1, this rebuild will be judged on two key factors: - The ability to build layers of controllable pitching depth within the org ✅ - Choosing what prospects/veterans to hold on to and which to deal when building the core position players The Gallen for Jazz deal was risky, but so far it’s looking like a solid deal for Miami. Loved the trade for Marte, now it’s time to extend him. We have zero CF prospects who are remotely close to giving us similar production at that position. Marte is a perfect #2 hitter for our offense. Don’t want to spend on a Seager/Correa level? Fine. I’m even ok if they balk on a 4/100 type deal for Marte. But whatever you do (re-sign or trade), you better hope it works. Because this is your last shot to make a significant impact in complementing your surplus of SP assets before things get real
  21. Might not take a team friendly deal per se, but no state income tax definitely has to help
  22. Saying a pitcher was saved by the dimensions of Citizen Bank Park is hilarious. It was a bad pitch, yes. But he wasn’t saved by CBP of all parks lol. He was saved by Knapp being at the plate
  23. Best player available, forever and always
  24. Not sure how calling up Bleday solves anything. He’s not playing CF, and neither are Duvall, Dickerson, or Cooper. It comes down to Sierra in CF and/or calling up Brinson/Monte
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