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  1. IIRC, the guy that facilitated the rebuild also wasn’t responsible for making irrational decisions that deemed a rebuild necessary. Two completely different situations as I mentioned, Mike Hill is likely a muppet. If you replace a muppet with a new muppet, the actual decision making process doesn’t change.
  2. I have a hard time believing Mike Hill plays the role of a traditional GM. I don’t think he has as much say/final decision in transactions as he portrays. To me, he has always been the public face/muppet. I could be wrong
  3. Meh, Ozuna would be fine. DiDi should be priority #1
  4. This is why you don’t let interns post online
  5. Yeah this is fair. I think it’s more about we finally have good organizational depth from a SP standpoint, rather than good quality arms at the big league level. It’s unrealistic to expect a team at this stage of the rebuild to have an above avg MLB rotation, but we are on the right track.
  6. Building through pitching is refreshing. It’s much easier to acquire bats than pitchers outside of your org (unless you’re making trades with the marlins). We also have the #4 pick in this years draft, and at worst a top 3 pick in the 2020 draft. This could produce 2 college bats that should climb the ranks relatively quickly. We aren’t going to get much back for our vets (Grandy, Walker, Starlin, etc). However, if KKKKaleb keeps this up, there might be some great offers for him come July. If there’s a future impact bat or 3 included in that proposal, I would have a hard time saying no.
  7. Meanwhile you’re currently engaging on a Marlins message board. I think you understand what rebuild means and why this team is bad, so I won’t insult you with a low hanging fruit insult. If you want to complain for the sake of complaining, that’s fine.
  8. Pretty cool that David Samson posts on here
  9. Jarlin has had one bad outing. He deserves an extended stay up at the ML level to see if he can iron out issues from 2018.
  10. The problem is there aren’t really any bats ready to come up. Monte and Isan are the closest, but they aren’t ready. They need AT LEAST another month or so in AAA before that even becomes a thought. If anything, I think this highlights the need to draft a couple of college bats this year that can move through the system quickly.
  11. That’s another big topic. People who work in St. Pete (Or Bradenton for that matter) who want to go home before they go to the stadium. Forgetttt about it
  12. I understand both areas and that getting to Marlins Park is no Sunday drive. Thus, the issue with both. From downtown Tampa to the Rays stadium, you’re looking at an an hour fifteen, without a wreck. South FL takes the cake from a driving talent/courtesy standpoint. But Tampa/St.Pete traffic is no joke
  13. The thing is the Rays aren’t actually in Tampa. They are in St Pete. Getting from Tampa to St Pete around 5 o clock (for 7pm game) is brutal. You could make the tickets free and people wouldn’t make that drive out of sure stress factor. Why would you when you can simply flip on SunSports and watch at home. My 2 cents on the “move it around the corner” comment.
  14. Welcome to the #FishTank. Where we check MiLB more than MLB, and the Trade Deadline is more of a garage sale
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