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  1. Might want to check the reds situation at the moment. Not to mention that they are all in. I’m not proposing that we get a top 100 prospect for him, we are talking about a guy that doesn’t even crack their top 20. They just signed Ryan Lavarnway for god sakes
  2. I’d call the reds and offer them Bryan Holaday for a couple of mid level prospects. An under the radar guy for them is Joel Kuhnel.
  3. If you deem it irrelevant, why take the time to reply?
  4. That, or they just bring him up and let him sink or swim. I was pretty high on Brinson when we traded for him, but I’m moving my expectations lower by the day. At this point, I think an accurate comp would be Jorge Soler on the high end, with Cameron Maybin (not again) on the low end.
  5. I don’t adamantly disagree with that strategy. Again, only way I trade him is if it’s for a someone the FO really likes. I’m firmly against trading him for a couple of lottery tickets at the low-A level. But if there’s a AAish level player who can impact the major league roster at SS/OF/1B in the next 12-18 months, I’d have to really consider it
  6. Yeah I agree he’s definitely a solid #3/4 on an average team. The thing is, those are the exact guys you can get surplus value for at the deadline. Especially ones with very little injury concerns/history. Most of us feel pretty comfortable with what he is, but with the depth we have in the minors finally, we are in a position to capitalize should a team want to get aggressive in trading for him
  7. Disaster seems a bit of a stretch. I’m pretty low on Sandy myself, but there’s no reason he can’t be a serviceable 3-4, or a high leverage reliever. Let’s not act like this is Justin Nicolino territory where he’s going to get shelled back to AAA
  8. He’s 23 in A+ with a 7.1 BB/9. The stuff is there, but I don’t see him improving enough from a command standpoint to make it to the big leagues as a starter. He would need to make a monumental jump. It’s time to move him to the pen and see if that can mask his severe control issues in shorter outings. I think there’s a lot of Brian Ellington with this kid. Guzman & Holloway should be the first two Milb starters moved into Bullpen roles
  9. I agree with all of that (except Holloway). Richards will be better served as a bullpen arm where he can use his mix of CH & FB to get 3-6 outs an outing. If someone offers a top 100 or similar bat that is within a year or so of making it to the league, I’m jumping all over that personally.
  10. Complete curiosity here, but what would you consider a “blow away offer”? Obviously it needs to be realistic. If someone is willing to offer a low end top 100 type guy, and an intriguing piece to go with it, would you take it?
  11. Still holding out for an additional 5K in IFA money I guess
  12. This is the most Mattingly response ever. I love Miggy Ro, but come on now
  13. Depends who they trade. You’re definitely not wrong for wanting to see the end result of all of these prospects battling for 5 roster spots. Im curious as to who they would be referring to if Caleb (and I assume Pablo/Gallen) are off the table. Maybe Richards? Although I’m unsure what type of a return he could net
  14. I’m with you on Hernandez & Gallen. I think things will sort themselves out as the year (and next year) goes on. For me, Gallen is the only lock. Caleb (and now Pablo) need to prove they can throw 160-180 innings a year, Sandy and Richards need to develop their secondary offerings, and Hernandez just needs more starts in general. I think you’re going to see them go with a rotation of Caleb, Gallen, Sandy, Richards, Yamamoto for a good portion of time, with Hernandez filling in when they determine they want to limit some innings and skip a start. I expect they will be very cautious with Pablo The great thing is as we start to learn who these pitchers are over a full season, guys like Sixto, Neidert, and even Rogers/Garrett/Cabrera get closer to entering the picture as well.
  15. DiDi Gregorious and/or Rizzo make a ton of sense IMO. Both lefty bats that our future core lineup needs, and help fill the holes we have at SS/1B. Rizzo is less likely to make it to FA which is ok because we could gamble on Cooper and maybe find a less prominent L 1B to pair with him.
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