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  1. Teams in trouble - Brewers: last year was awesome, but that rotation is going to crumble this year Indians - they seem to have lost that “middle class” of their roster that really helped elevate their weaknesses. Those get exposed this year Surprises - Reds: I’m picking them to win the Central outright. They have all the peices. Key here will be if they can find a way to play together early Angels: Thats right, Mike Trout in a playoff game. Bour will bounce back and give them a lefty power bat in the middle of the order.
  2. Agreed. Base color is pretty much perfect. Just looks a little bare. Front number would pretty much solve this
  3. Nice signing. Should net a decent prospect around the deadline. Would love to add another reliever (Clippard) to finish the offseason
  4. While I agree that the service time rules are skewed to favor the owners/FO, the GM’s wouldn’t be doing their job if they don’t find a way to use this to their advantage. Also doesn’t mean that they have to do you a favor by paying you a couple extra mill in FA
  5. Players/Agents are not understanding market value. Front offices aren’t emotional anymore and much more statistic driven
  6. Justin Bour and I believe DiDi are free agents next year. Would be great to add those lefty bats in an otherwise righty heavy lineup. Only guy I can think of on the pitching side is Gallen, and possibly Will Stewart as he could be a guy that climbs quickly
  7. Although there are health concerns with Sixto, I’m happy they finally got a guy that has Ace upside. My major concern with the previous deals was that there wasn’t an elite SP arm in the system. Those concerns are gone now. Great job Jeter....you too Mike Hill
  8. Sixto is the 13th ranked prospect via BA. India is ranked in the 50s, and is as high as 35 on BP. I get that the secondary pieces would need to be better for the reds, but disagree that he can’t be a centerpiece
  9. You realize marlins fans aren’t counting on this year being a good year, right? This year will be much less frustrating than watching the Yelly, Stanton, Ozuna teams struggle to find the postseason. As for the Cards, you know you guys aren’t making the playoffs, correct? That has to be infuriating to watch
  10. I really like India. I feel like he’s a guy that jumps into the top 25-30 range in 12 months. The problem is why even waste time with Barnhart? Tell them thanks but no thanks and give us another prospect (I recognize it would be rookie ball/A ball project). Tucker offers zero value to the fish. Go sign AJ Ellis if you want a veteran precense for these young arms coming up. It’s not a knock on tucker (I actually like him behind the dish), but he will be 30 when we are trying to compete and he can’t hit now as is. Recoup as many future assets as possible, and if you need to fill a hole for the time being, there are plenty of vets that would be willing to play the Crash Davis role
  11. I’m pretty high on India, but him as the sole piece would be disappointing. At the very least, it better be India + Santillan + Tucker
  12. This is what happens when a media member who has no clue what’s actually happening has to write something for interaction #’s.
  13. Hunter Greene, India, and a throw in. Give them Urena or Conley/Steck and let’s get this thing over with.
  14. This... AND....Machado is signicantly overrated. He has posted a +.900 ops just once, and it was .905. Factor in that he isn’t entirely motivated to hustle on a consistent basis, and that my friends is how you get laughed out of the room for asking for 400 million
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