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  1. I would trade H2R... I am dead serious... The time has come... you can get Bard/Ellsbury et. al...
  2. Seems like JJ has been injured every year since his career began. He is a great pitcher don't get me wrong but is becoming like the Chad Pennington of baseball. I would consider trading him... I am probably an idiot for the last statement.
  3. No one else should. However, the team is getting pounded lately... Its been difficult to watch, when your down 4-0 OR when Vazquez/Volstad pitch, I gotta be honest I've switched to other programming. If you are going to lose keep it competitive. Huge Road Trip! They could easily win only a few games on this...
  4. Javy is flat out AWFUL! Nate R. > Javy and that is AWFUL to write! I love my Marlins but we are coming back down to earth... Probably will get "broomed" by Philly.
  5. I agree the sky is not falling, however I am beginning to question the manager skills of Rodriguez.... He is not managing correctly. Case and point, Thursday, why pitch JJ into the seventh at over 100 pitches. Secondly why put in Dunn a day after pitching two innings the night before... He is overmanaging the bullpen in my opinion. Questionable pitnch hitting moves as well.
  6. Bullpen (Nunez) and Defense (Team Wide) same old Marlins! Love my team though.
  7. Buckwild! Nice opening day! Now back it up and take the series tomorrow.
  8. We are going to get "boatraced" tonight! My call!
  9. I'd vouch for Edwin! He is 34-29 as manager I believe! I like his fire especially after the brawl. I almost spontaneously flew down to Miami to see JJ and "Joey Crack."
  10. This bullpen is awful! I zero confidence in anybody not named Nunez... Even Hensley has been bad lately...
  11. Maybe Boni is actually decent. If so, that could be HUGE! His speed is an ASSET! 47-48 back in this BABY!
  12. Its official this team looks totally shot! The Gonzalez firing absolutely killed this team! I think the Marlins are looking @ 75-87 or 72-90... Awesome job FO!
  13. I'd be amazed if this came as a surprise to anyone that Veras is back last 10 outings 10 innings 1.80 ERA 9 hits 2 runs (Both runs came in one game on June 1, last nine appearances have been scoreless) 1 homer 4 walks 12 strikeouts those numbers say "Give me another look..." I'm willing to be open-minded considering what's gone on lately. True!
  14. Houser still is very young hopefully doesn't gets picked up and is sent back to Jax/NOLA... Veras oh boy...:banghead
  15. :bangheadJust got back from the game. What a freaking waste of $$... Robertson is HORRIBLE! Sanabia (sp?) was pretty good threw strikes I say give him a start. Robertson to the bully in long relief. Houser blows. Strickland blows. We all know Wood blows. How come our lefties stink! They can't get lefties or anybody out. On my drive home I heard Bobby V is a done deal for the weekend. Finally, the Adam Jones bobblehead the O's gave out is as bad as their team and our bully, it came out of the box broken! Our batters strike out way too much! For goodness sakes be patient at the plate!
  16. As maddening as this team is they are not half bad... Now cue the 4 game losing streak.:banghead
  17. Wood is horrible but we win! Yay! We MUST SWEEP!
  18. :bangheadBullpen Here we go again!
  19. Great game guys! Everynight this team makes me angrier and angrier!
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